Edgecore Networks Introduces New Branding for Their Open Networking Switches

The last couple of weeks Edgecore Networks has been busy rebranding their Open Networking Switches and Routers bit by bit and also updating their datasheets accordingly, in an effort to "implement a more intuitive branding, unify the recognition of a broad product portfolio, and fulfill the future expansion of different product lines".

Today they also officially anounced the rebranding of these product models (click here to read the anouncement) and we want to share that information with you as well and help you understand these changes.

Don't worry: The products and the hardware themselves have not changed, they are still the same good quality we all know and trust. The part numbers used for ordering these products also have not changed, so you still will be able to order switches with the old part numbers as well. In our STORDIRECT webshop we have opted to keep both numbers for now, so that you can find the right switch either way.

Check out the info graphic below to see how the products have been rebranded. To get more information about the products, simply click on them to get to their products page at our STORDIRECT webshop.

New Branding Scheme

The new product branding consists of two parts and is built up like so: ZZZXXX (e.g. DCS810)


The first part with 3 letters indicates the primary use case for the model:

  • AGR – Aggregation Router
  • COR – Core Router
  • CSR – Cell Site / Access Router
  • DCS – Data Center Switch
  • EPS – Enterprise Switch


The second part consists of 3 numbers:

  • First number indicates ASIC family
  • Second and Third number indicates series and model


Cloud Data Center: DCS and EPS series

Service Provider: AGR, COR and CSR series

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