STORDIS is one of Europe’s leading Open Networking companies specializing in the development of tailor-made networking solutions.

We run first-class laboratories fully equipped with the most recent open networking technology and develop individual software and hardware solutions in our two facilities in Germany (Stuttgart) and the United Kingdom (Gloucester).

Based on our previous accomplishments within the industry, our ambition is to drive innovation and the continued success of Open Networking forward.

At STORDIS we understand that a cooperative team of professionals is key to both individual and corporate growth. Therefore, we are committed to establishing a secure, innovative, liberal and discrimination-free environment, in which every employee is guaranteed the opportunity for personal and professional development.

STORDIS values equal opportunity and considers qualified applicants for employment without regard to gender, age or national origin.

Open Positions

As a member of our software development team you will design and create tailor-made software
applications in the Networking Environment and get involved in the customer discourse to understand
their requirements. You will act consultatively, identify potential for improvement, and manage the
implementation on-site.


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As the relevant system administrator you are the primary point of contact regarding our technologically highly equipped STORDIS LAB and you are managing the organisation of our technical department. You are in charge of supervising, maintaining and improving our on-site networking infrastructure, including storage systems, server environments and the telephone switchboard.


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As our network systems engineer you are responsible for the development and the implementation of complex network solutions and manage functional support to prospective clients and customers according to their requirements. You act consultatively, identify potential for improvement, design network infrastructures and manage the deployment on-site.


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As a major sales representative of STORDIS you are primarily in charge of maintaining customer care relating to products and pricing. You will use consultative expertise, communication skills and business development skills to align prospect’s and customer’s business needs with the relevant high-quality products from our comprehensive product portfolio.


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Als einer der Sales-Repräsentanten von STORDIS, bist Du verantwortlich für die Pflege von Kundenbeziehungen in Bezug auf Produkte und Preise. Du benutzt Deine beratende Expertise, Kommunikations- und Business-Development-Fähigkeiten, um die Anforderungen von bestehenden und potentiellen Kunden mit den qualitativ hochwertigen Produkten aus unserem umfassenden Produktportfolio zu erfüllen.


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