#Back2Open Program

Cumulus Linux Support on Broadcom based Switches will come to a halt soon, which will negatively impact your network Our #Back2Open program makes the switch to a new Open NOS as hassle-free as possible with some great benefits for you Get in touch with us right away for a free consultation or continue reading for more information about it.

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    Cumulus Linux and Broadcom Are Parting Ways

    What Does This Mean For You?

    You have probably heard the news by now that Cumulus Linux and Broadcom are parting ways.

    Since NVIDIA acquired Cumulus Networks, Broadcom have confirmed that they will no longer support Cumulus Linux and already have revoked access to their switch ASIC documentation.

    This development has a major impact on anyone that is using a combination of Cumulus Linux with a network switch that is powered by a Broadcom ASIC and will require some form of action to avoid a negative impact.

    • No NOS Updates

      Cumulus Linux 4.2 is the last version to support Broadcom ASICs

    • No New Features

      NVIDIA will not port any new features to Broadcom silicon, even on currently supported hardware

    • No Bug Fixes

      Security fixes will become more challenging and could leave your system vulnerable

    • No Support for New Platforms

      No support for new switch platforms based on Broadcom ASICs

    Was your decision to deploy Cumulus Linux on your switches wrong? Definitely Not!

    It was a decision to deploy Open Networking due to its flexibility and all of the benefits that come with the Open Networking approach – and we are sure that these benefits are still what you are after.

    Thanks to the disaggregated nature of Open Networking, our #Back2Open Program comes in to help you replace Cumulus and switch back to a supported and maintained Open Networking NOS.

    Let's Get #Back2Open

    What is the #Back2Open Program?

    We initiated the #Back2Open Program because we deeply care about our customers and Open Networking users in general and do not want to let them down.

    #Back2Open is our Mission to help everyone impacted by this Cumulus Linux situation, to easily switch back to a supported Open Networking NOS and bring them back on their Open Networking path, that they had initially chosen.

    #Back2Open future-proofs your network by migrating your current, soon-to-be outdated, Cumulus Linux platform to a new, actively supported and maintained Open Networking operating system (NOS).

    • Free of Charge NOS Software License*

      Receive the license free of charge for switches already running Cumulus. *Only software support would need to be acquired

    • Actively Supported and Maintained NOS

      Benefit from new features and regular fixes and updates

    • Support for Various Hardware Platforms

      The program is aimed at network switches from Cumulus Express, Edgecore Networks, Delta / Agema or DELL

    • Free Consultation on Topology and Configuration Migration

      Talk to us about your configuration to ensure you get the best, future-proof option for you

    Your Way #Back2Open

    Get in Touch with Us

    Get in touch with us to discuss the current and future requirements of your network environment

    Choose Your Migration Plan

    We will guide you through the available replacement software options and help you decide on the solution that suits your current and future needs best.

    Additionally, we can support you with a variety of additional services: ranging from on-site installations to advanced exchange service plans. You can be assured that STORDIS is your reliable partner – always there to support you.

    Enjoy, You're Back2Open!

    Congratulations! You have now unlocked the full potential of your Open Network environment once again.

    Download the Brochure

    Check out our information brochure for additional information

    Information Brochure

    Your Way #Back2Open

    Get in touch with us and switch back to a supported and maintained Open Networking OS