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Open Networking

The Next Generation of Networking Technologies

Traditional Networking VS Open Networking

Freedom of choice

Black Box stagnation
  • Closed system
  • High dependence on one vendor
  • Proprietary hardware and software
  • High purchase and support rates
White Box revolution
  • Open system
  • Flexible combination of hardware and software
  • Premium hardware from major OEM manufacturers
  • Up to 50% savings on the same quality and performance

Open Networking Software

One of the most important advantages of Open Networking is the switch adapting to different roles by simply changing the switch operating system.


  • Many switch Operating Systems for different use cases
  • Choose the switch OS that fits you best
  • Change the OS but keep the hardware and reuse it
  • Full concentration on software features instead of hardware
  • Highly cost efficient, especially for L2 / L3
  • Open source OS offer adjustability
  • Commercial OS offer continious support and testing
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Open Networking Hardware

With Open Hardware, the ability to use standard, un-coded peripherals (often from the same manufacturer) can reduce total network costs by five figures in even small to medium enterprises.


  • Unlocked hardware
  • Built by billion-dollar OEMs
  • Same quality, half the price (no marketing, software development, etc.)
  • Switches for every use case
  • Reusable by simply installing another NOS
  • Warranty and support
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Benefits of Open Networking

Step forward with SDN and NFV technologies and explore their unrivalled benefits


Open 1-400 GbE network switch solutions

Lower cost

Up to 50% CapEx savings

Free Choice of Apps

Run Linux apps on your network switch


Automated configurations and rollouts

Software revision management


Flexibly reuse the hardware platform for other purposes


Select the best Operating System option for switching/routing, data center and SDN solutions

Simplified architecture

Build flexible and agile network topologies

Greater Agility

Create specific flows to control your environment


Scale from small to hyperscale

Ease of use

Configure your system with CLI (Command Line Interface) and/or Linux Shell

Upgrade your network to Open Networking

in 3 easy steps

Choose your Hardware

Plenty of quality hardware options are available from various manufactures. They offer a great variety of port speeds ranging from 1GbE up to 400GbE

Choose your Software

With Open Networking you can now choose the switch operating system that fits your needs best. Optionally it's Cumulus that enables you to manage your switch, like Linux

Choose your STORDIS Service

STORDIS offers a variety of services to help our customers find and install the best Open Networking solution