Open Networking

What is Open Networking?

Open Networking is to network devices what Windows or Linux is to computers. Just as these operating systems transformed how we use computers, Open Networking revolutionizes the way we manage network switches and routers. It brings the principles of openness and customization to network infrastructure, allowing more flexibility and innovation in how networks are designed and operated.  

Using Open Networking isn’t about learning something completely new; it’s about applying what you already know about networks in a more flexible way. It’s like learning a few new tricks on a system you’re already familiar with. So, if you understand the basics of networking, adapting to Open Networking is straightforward. It’s not a big leap; it’s just a new, smarter way to handle your network devices, offering more customization and efficiency.

What does Open Networking give you? You win independence as you can choose your hardware switch and router vendor independently. You win full control as the operating system can be tweaked to whatever you like it to be. You win the possibility to add your own tools, programs and develop your network to be as efficient as you wish it to be.

You gain a community and become an innovator, enabling you to collaborate on forward thinking ideas and business concepts for a brighter future.

With Open Networking, you achieve freedom,

and freedom is the only way to do it better.

So let’s make it better, together!

Benefits of Open Networking

Freedom of Choice

Thanks to the disaggregated nature of Open Networking you have the freedom to choose the hardware and software that suits your needs best.

Open Networking Hardware

Choose from a range of premium quality Open Networking switches, ranging from 1 to 800 GbE.

With Open Hardware, the ability to use standard, un-coded peripherals (often from the same manufacturer) can reduce total network costs by five figures in even small to medium enterprises.

  • Unlocked Hardware

  • Built by billion-dollar OEMs

  • Same quality, half the price (no marketing, software development, etc.)

  • Switches for every use case

  • Reusable by simply installing another NOS

  • Warranty and Support

Open Networking Software

Choose from a range of Network Operating Systems and Software Tools – from Open Source to Commercial Solutions.

One of the most important advantages of Open Networking is the switch adapting to different roles by simply changing the switch operating system and software tools.

  • Many switch Operating Systems for different use cases

  • Choose the switch OS that fits you best

  • Change the OS but keep the hardware and reuse it

  • Highly cost efficient, especially for L2 / L3

  • Open source OS offer adjustability

  • Commercial OS offer continuous support and testing

Further Benefits

This innovative approach, gives you access to some great benefits.

  • Flexibility

    Choose the right soft- and hardware for your specific needs

  • Scalability

    Scale from small to hyperscale - your network grows together with you

  • Simplified Architecture

    A flexible and transparent framework, simplifies communication between devices,
    making it more efficient

  • Automation

    Automated configurations, rollouts and operations, that free up your time

  • Reusability

    Flexibly reuse the hardware platform for other purposes

  • Greener

    Automation and optimized networking functions improve energy efficiency

  • Greater Agility

    Create specific flows to control your environment

  • Lower Cost

    Up to 50% CapEx savings

The Comparison

Let’s check how Traditional Networking compares to Open Networking

One of the biggest differences between them, is the level of freedom and choice you are allowed to have

Traditional Networking

  • Fully Locked In

    No choice possible, you are bound to the vendor

  • No Software Choice

    You don't have the freedom to choose the Network Operating System that suits you. You need to work around with what the vendor provides

  • No Hardware Choice

    You are locked to the hardware the vendor offers. Expensive support rates and original accessories are adding additional cost.

  • Closed System

    Proprietary and closed system on software and hardware

  • Vendor Lock-In

    High dependency on one vendor – if the vendor disappears, you will have a problem

  • Expensive

    High purchase and support rates, original accessories like transceivers and DACs very expensive

Open Networking

  • Complete Freedom

    Freely choose your software and hardware

  • Free Choice of Software

    You can choose from a broad range of operating systems, software tools and services. Make the software work for you, by using automation tools.

  • Free Choice of Hardware

    You can choose from a broad range of high quality hardware manufacturers, each with different models and different strengths.

  • Open System

    Proprietary and closed system on software and hardware

  • Indipendency from Vendors

    Mix and match hardware and software to your specific needs

  • Lower Costs

    Up to 50% savings on the same quality and performance

Further Comparison

Let’s compare a few more topics

Traditional Networking VS Open Networking
Traditional Networking Full control at network vendor
VS Network Control
Open Networking Full control in your hands
Traditional Networking Special vendor certification required
VS Knowledge to Operate the Network
Open Networking Only basic Linux knowledge required
Traditional Networking Hidden costs on additional software, training, mandatory certification etc.
VS Cost Transparency
Open Networking Full transparency upfront, free and open source community tools are additionally available
Traditional Networking Manageable via custom, vendor specific CLI
VS User Interface
Open Networking Easily manageable via CLI or Shell –
learn once, use everywhere
Traditional Networking Time consuming and tedious workflows and tasks
VS Time Consumption
Open Networking Automated operation workflows free up time and resources
Traditional Networking Future migration or upgrades limited, due to proprietary protocols – you are locked to the vendor
VS Migration & Upgrade
Open Networking Easy and fast migration to anywhere you want to go, thanks to open protocols
Traditional Networking Limited reusability
VS Hardware Reusability
Open Networking Possibility to flexibly repurpose old hardware and make it become a switch, router, SDN solution, load balancer, aggregator or packet broker
Traditional Networking Energy hungry solutions
VS Energy
Open Networking Greener and smarter solution through network stack offloads and automation (e.g. does the whole network need to run all the time, even on the weekend?)

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