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STORDIS is formed by a Team of IT enthusiasts, with a passion to Deliver Innovation to our Customers. We have built our business on Trust and strong, Long Term Partnerships with our Customers and Partners. We are driven to provide Solutions based on Innovative Products and to ensure the very best tailored Service is delivered providing True Value to our Customers. As a company, we are always looking to build on our previous successes, and are actively looking to the Future, Hunting for Innovations and Ideas, trying to find the next solution that will bring benefits to our Customers and Partners.

With offices in Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland, we support Customers in the EMEA region providing Professional Consultancy, Solution Design, Integration and Support Services, Certified Trainings and Tailored Development of Network Tools. We are dedicated to effectively deploying and extending the customer’s networking requirements.

We maintain two of the most Advanced Technical Laboratories for Open Networking Infrastructure in Europe containing 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G and 400G solutions running various switch Operating Systems (NOS), NetOps/DevOps Automation platforms as well as Monitoring and Management Frameworks.

Being active in emerging markets, we Drive Research & Development and contribute to open source communities such as OCP (Open Compute Project), TIP (Telecom Infra Project), ONF (Open Networking Foundation) and P4 Language Consortium.

We are a key Partner of the Open Networking Community and fully committed to promote the evolution of Disaggregated Networking with our active engagement in projects such as SONiC, ORCA and MONSOON. STORDIS encourages and supports continuing education by offering in-depth Unboxing Open Networking and Certified Enterprise SONiC Trainings through route2open Academy.

We are ‘The Open Networking Expert’ Delivering Customer Centric Solutions.

CEO Statement

To operate successfully in a rapidly changing market driven by new technologies, a Strong, Trusted, Optimistic Team with the Drive and Passion to Deliver Innovations is required. I’m proud of my team and couldn’t think of a better place to be at.

Waldemar Scheck – CEO

Company Values

Our Vision

To become the world’s leading open networking solutions provider, partnering with customers to drive R&D and contributing to open source communities, ensuring the very best tailored service is delivered while building a highly capable team of professionals providing true value to end users

Our Mission

We are The Open Networking Expert delivering customer centric solutions

Our Values

The Open Networking Expert, a trusted team, passionate to deliver innovation


Maintain respectful relations with customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues


Working collaboratively with all fellow employees and customers


Exhibit honesty and integrity at all times


Dedicated to the success of our customers


Providing an environment to innovate and experiment

Company Milestones

STORDIS release MONSOON Open-Source Network Monitoring Exporter for SONiC
 width= STORDIS is excited to announce the release of MONSOON an easy-to-use and affordable network monitoring exporter, that monitors network devices such as routers and switches that are running the SONiC Network Operating System.
STORDIS brings Enterprise to the SONiC NOS
STORDIS brings Enterprise to the SONiC NOS, providing a ruggedised and enhanced version of the open source software, along with Open2Support, their Professional Support Service.
New Product Launch

STORDIS officially announces the launch of #Switch2Open new series of products!
Approved and tested transmission and interconnect products for your Open Networking equipment.

Service Level Agreements
STORDIS introduces the #Open2Support Service Level Agreements for Open Networking Switches with hardware and software support.
SONiC Activity

Beginning of SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) related activities, by starting software development contributions on SONiC and introducing our SONiC Remote Lab.

APS Switch Platform
STORDIS launches the "Advanced Programmable Switches" platform, based on the P4 programmable Barefoot Tofino ASIC. The design was submitted to the OCP Open Compute Project. The APS Switches are now part of the independent company APS Networks GmbH.
UK Office Founded
Due to continuous growth and success in the Open Networking market, STORDIS opens up an office in Gloucester, UK, in order to promote Open Networking in the UK.
The Switch2Open

STORDIS starts its successful journey into Open Disaggregated Networking by signing agreements with key partners such as Edgecore Networks, Pica8 and Cumulus Networks.


STORDIS is founded as a Value Added Distributor (VAD) for storage products

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Your Open Networking Team

Waldemar Scheck Chief Executive Officer
Łukasz Łukowski Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Cordelia Owusu Chief Operating Officer
Sarah Dezordo Chief Financial Officer
Andrzej Brzezinski Sales Director
Marianna Pudliszewska Sales and Customer Service Specialist
Jason O'Connell Supply Chain & Procurement Officer
Ferne Neale Data Management Officer
Anthony Umegbolu Sales Support
Daniel Mack Sales Support
David Richards Strategic Projects Director
Volker Scheel Senior Systems Engineer
Kamal Bhatt Software Product Manager
Tomasz Sadowski Senior Support & Service Engineer
Krzysztof Adamczak Support & Service Engineer
Mariusz Szlęzak Support & Service Engineer
Panagiotis Papadopoulos Operational IT Services Director
Anna Leończuk Marketing & Visibility Director
Barbara Krawczyk Marketing & Visibility Manager
Sandra Scheck Logistics Officer
Tim Brödner IT Support
Alexander Scheck Procurement Officer
Mr. Kicker Chief Entertainment Officer

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