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We are a collective of IT enthusiasts deeply committed to delivering cutting-edge, customer-centric solutions. Our journey began with an insatiable passion for open networking and an unwavering dedication to trust, leading to robust, long-standing partnerships with our clients. As we build on our legacy of innovation and service excellence, we continue to look ahead, constantly seeking the next transformative idea that can bring unparalleled benefits to our customers and partners.

With our strategic locations in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Poland, we are well-positioned to offer our professional consultancy, solution design, integration, and support services to customers across the EMEA region. We work tirelessly to understand, enhance, and extend your networking requirements, ensuring that our solutions meet your needs perfectly.

We support Customers in the EMEA region providing Professional Consultancy, Solution Design, Integration and Support Services, Certified Trainings and Tailored Development of Network Tools. We are dedicated to effectively deploying and extending the customer’s networking requirements.

Our state-of-the-art technical laboratories, amongst Europe’s most advanced, are our playground. Here, we experiment with 1G to 400G solutions operating on a variety of switch operating systems, automation platforms, and management frameworks. This allows us to deliver only the most innovative and efficient solutions to our clients.

As proud members of the open-source community, we are deeply invested in shaping the future of open networking. Our contributions to the Open Compute Project, Telecom Infra Project, Open Networking Foundation, and P4 Language Consortium reflect our commitment to driving research and development in emerging markets.

We are your dedicated partners in the open networking revolution. With our involvement in key projects like SONiC, ORCA, and MONSOON, we are spearheading the advancement of disaggregated networking. And through our route2open Academy, we promote continuous learning with in-depth Open Networking and Certified Enterprise SONiC trainings.

As the Open Networking Experts, we promise to deliver innovative and effective solutions that offer true value to your business.


In this swiftly evolving market, success is built on strength, trust, optimism, drive, and passion. I’m incredibly proud to lead a team of professionals who embody these principles. Being a part of STORDIS isn’t just about being part of a company—it’s about being part of a forward-thinking, innovation-driven community.

Waldemar Scheck - CEO


STORDIS - Code of Conduct


To become the world’s Leading open networking Solution Provider, partnering with Customers to Drive research & development and contributing to open source Communities, ensuring the very best tailored Service is delivered while building a highly capable Team of Professionals providing True Value to end users. of a forward-thinking, innovation-driven community.


The Open Networking Expert, a Trusted Team, Passionate to Deliver Innovation.


STORDIS release MONSOON Open-Source Network Monitoring Exporter for SONiC
STORDIS release MONSOON Open-Source Network Monitoring Exporter for SONiC

STORDIS is excited to announce the release of MONSOON an easy-to-use and affordable network monitoring exporter, that monitors network devices such as routers and switches that are running the SONiC Network Operating System.

<a href="">STORDIS brings Enterprise to the SONiC NOS</a>
STORDIS brings Enterprise to the SONiC NOS, providing a ruggedised and enhanced version of the open source software, along with Open2Support, their Professional Support Service.
<a href="">New Product Launch</a>

STORDIS officially announces the launch of #Switch2Open new series of products!
Approved and tested transmission and interconnect products for your Open Networking equipment.

<a href="">Service Level Agreements</a>

STORDIS introduces the #Open2Support Service Level Agreements for Open Networking Switches with hardware and software support.

<a href="">SONiC Activity</a>

Beginning of SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) related activities, by starting software development contributions on SONiC and introducing our SONiC Remote Lab.

APS Switch Platform
APS Switch Platform

STORDIS launches the "Advanced Programmable Switches" platform, based on the P4 programmable Barefoot Tofino ASIC. The design was submitted to the OCP Open Compute Project.

The APS Switches are now part of the independent company APS Networks GmbH.

UK Office Founded
UK Office Founded

Due to continuous growth and success in the Open Networking market, STORDIS opens up an office in Gloucester, UK, in order to promote Open Networking in the UK.

The Switch2Open
The Switch2Open

STORDIS starts its successful journey into Open Disaggregated Networking by signing agreements with key partners such as Edgecore Networks, Pica8 and Cumulus Networks.


STORDIS is founded as a Value Added Distributor (VAD) for storage products

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Your Open Networking Team

Waldemar Scheck

Chief Navigator

Our CEO Waldemar

combines strategic leadership with a zest for adventure. His love for camping and biking mirrors his journey through the ever-evolving tech landscape. A people's person, he's as comfortable around a campfire as he is in the boardroom, constantly absorbing new insights from books and audiobooks alike. Waldemar's blend of outdoor enthusiasm and relentless curiosity shapes our team's dynamic and innovative spirit.

Łukasz Łukowski

Chief Commerce and Communication


marries the endurance of a runner with the craftsmanship of a distiller, infusing our commerce and communication strategies with vitality and freshness. His innate talent for networking turns every interaction into an opportunity, weaving a vibrant tapestry of professional relationships.

Cordelia Owusu

Chief Operational Navigator


our operational compass, steers our daily operations with a blend of compassion and strategic insight. Her love for non-fiction and aspiration to connect with nature's untamed beauty reflect in her pursuit of operational excellence, making the workspace a realm of efficiency and grace.

Sarah Dezordo

Chief Financial Navigator


culinary artistry and passion for the outdoors mirror her approach to financial strategies, blending creativity with precision. Her harmonious balance between the numbers and nature's rhythm guides our financial health with a steady, innovative hand.

Andrzej Brzezinski

Head of Client Engagement & Services


Ironman spirit powers our client engagement and services, his resilience and discipline setting the gold standard. The endurance and commitment he shows in every race are mirrored in his dedication to our clients, ensuring every relationship is a success.

Alexander Scheck

Customer Engagement & Service Manager​


As customer engagement and service manager, Alex applies the same dedication to his role that he shows when on hiking trails and football fields. His commitment to ensuring smooth operations and delighted clients is as essential as his love for shared moments with family and friends.

Paweł Wojciechowski

Customer Engagement & Service Manager


manages customer engagement with the detailed eye of a car enthusiast and the analytical mind of an IT hobbyist, his love for restoring and assembling echoing in his approach to service excellence. His diverse passions, from survival skills to long-distance running, shape his robust, adaptive strategies in customer relations.

Marianna Pudliszewska

Product Value Manager


affinity for the rugged mountains and the mysteries of space fuels her approach to managing product value. Her background in team sports and her passion for exploration inspire her to push our products to new frontiers, ensuring they resonate with our customers.

David Richards

Head of Project Delivery


steers our project delivery with the thrill of a motorcycle enthusiast and the rhythm of a rock drummer. His adventurous spirit and creative flair infuse our projects with dynamism and impact, ensuring every initiative resonates with the excitement of a high-octane performance

Volker Scheel

Senior Network Innovation
Delivery Engineer


passion for innovation in network delivery is as vast as his love for the serene Schönbuch forest and the vibrant energy of VfB Stuttgart. His global culinary adventures and appreciation for fine Whisky echo his taste for diverse, richly layered solutions.

Kamal Bhatt

Head of Value Driven Software Delivery


leads our software delivery with the vitality of a sports enthusiast and the nurturing touch of a gardener. His commitment to volleyball and biking injects energy and growth into our projects, driving value and innovation at every turn.

Tomasz Sadowski

Head of Technical Support Service


Leading our technical support, Tomasz blends his love for technology with the tranquillity of the outdoors. His passion for cycling and hiking reflects his approach to navigating complex challenges, ensuring a smooth, steady journey to solutions.

Krzysztof Adamczak

IT Operations & Value Delivery Manager


weaves a tapestry of innovation and creativity into our IT operations and value delivery, his deep understanding of networks complemented by his artistic side. His passion for crafts, fantasy literature, and sci-fi illuminates his approach, ensuring our IT solutions are not just functional but visionary.

Mariusz Szlęzak

Technical Support Service Engineer


our tech support beacon, seamlessly integrates his passion for new technologies and nature into providing innovative solutions. His love for movies, hiking, and diverse hobbies enriches his problem-solving, making every customer interaction a journey of discovery and resolution.

Krzysztof Prałat

Junior Technical Support Service Engineer


infuses our technical support with the narrative depth of a book lover and the strategic acumen of a seasoned gamer. His passion for photography, capturing nature's tranquil moments, mirrors his meticulous approach to resolving technical complexities

Panagiotis Papadopoulos

Head of IT Operations & Value Delivery


at the helm of IT operations, orchestrates our digital symphony with the creativity of a musician and the precision of a coder. His love for vinyl records and home automation adds layers of depth and harmony to his leadership, driving innovation and efficiency.

Klaudio Havari

Web Experience Manager


A tech-driven enthusiast with a passion for gaming, Klaudio harnesses the interactivity of gaming and the innovation of tech to craft immersive and intuitive digital experiences for our web presence. His deep understanding of user behavior and his expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technologies seamlessly blend to create engaging and user-centered web experiences that resonate with our audience.

Anna Leończuk

Head of Value Communication


steers our communication with the wisdom of a bibliophile and the energy of a Nordic walker. Her passion for basketball and cutting-edge software & tools shapes her approach, ensuring our communication is always at the forefront, engaging and strategic

Adam Samol

Junior Value Communication Manager


infuses our value communication with the strength of a weightlifter and the insight of a marketing and psychology enthusiast. His rich tapestry of interests, from reading to gaming, ensures our content is not just informative but resonates deeply with our audience.

Tim Brödner

Junior IT Operations & Value
Delivery Manager


navigates our IT operations with the agility of a table tennis player and the inquisitiveness of a tech enthusiast. His passion for gaming and staying abreast of tech trends ensures our operations are as responsive and forward-thinking as the latest tech marvels he adores

Jason O'Connell

Head of Customer Services


leads our customer services with the dedication of a die-hard VfB Stuttgart supporter and the calm of a nature enthusiast. His love for Asian cuisine and wanderlust reflects his adaptability and commitment to providing diverse, world-class service experiences.

Jessica Mik

Supply Chain Officer


Supply Chain Officer, Jessica runs our operations with precision. Outside of the office, she enjoys reading, experimenting with delicious food, cherishing moments with her family and exploring the world through her passion for travel.

Tom Rühmer

Junior Logistics & Customer Satisfaction Manager


In logistics and customer satisfaction, Tom paints each success with the vibrant colours and bold strokes of an expressionist artist. His creative approach ensures that every logistical challenge and customer interaction is not just managed but transformed into a work of art.


Sandra Scheck

Logistics & Customer
Satisfaction Manager


culinary passion infuses warmth and meticulous care into our logistics and customer satisfaction efforts. Her joy in cooking and baking for others mirrors her dedication to ensuring every client interaction is as fulfilling and delightful as her homemade treats.

Sebastian Stokłosa

Head of Product Management


Our Head of Product Managemnt, Sebastian was a football referee for 12 years, officiating over 600 matches in Poland's 3rd league. On a deserted island, he’d bring a bookshelf of biographies. He values health, exercise, and a balanced diet. A tech fan, he enjoys exploring and using new innovations.

Dawid Januszkiewicz

Junior Technical Support Service Engineer


Our junior tech support blends generosity and enthusiasm, infusing his love for parties and biking into innovative solutions. His passion for video game creation and capital market investing adds a unique edge to his problem-solving, making every customer interaction engaging and enlightening.

Mr. Kicker

Chief Entertainment Officer

Mr. Kicker

As our Chief Entertainment Officer, Mr. Kicker masterfully blends joy and camaraderie, his mission is to infuse every team interaction with fun and genuine connection, much like a game that brings everyone together.

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Stuttgart, Germany – April 24th, 2024 – STORDIS – a leading provider of cutting-edge, customer-centric open networking solutions, and BE Networks, a pioneer in advanced networking orchestration technologies, today announced a strategic partnership to empower the data center, cloud, and edge networking industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in pursuing open networking excellence, leveraging BE Networks’ market-proven Verity orchestration platform and STORDIS’s expertise in open networking solutions across the EMEA region.

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