IP Infusion Teams Up with STORDIS’ #Back2Open Program to Provide Cumulus Linux Users a Migration Path Back to Open Networking

We are pleased to announce that IP Infusion, a leading provider of network disaggregation solutions for telecom and data communications operators, has joined STORDIS’ #Back2Open Program. The #Back2Open Program supports Cumulus Linux users who are looking to switch back to another Open Networking Operating System (NOS), like IP Infusion’s OcNOS.

STORDIS initiated the #Back2Open Program to support Cumulus Linux users impacted by the fall out between Broadcom and Cumulus Linux, that followed the acquisition of Cumulus Linux by NVIDIA. Current Cumulus Linux users may find themselves without a clear path forward. #Back2Open was created by STORDIS to help these users migrate from their existing end-of-life platforms to a feature-rich and actively supported Open Networking Operating System (more information can be found here).

To kick-off this extended partnership we will hold a joint live webinar with IP Infusion on , where we will inform about:

  • Introduction to STORDIS’ #Back2Open Program for Cumulus Linux users
  • Introduction to IP Infusion’s use cases and their proven operating system OcNOS for Open Networking
  • Advantages of switching from Cumulus Linux to IP Infusion OcNOS
Additional information on the webinar and the possibility to register for the event can be found here.
We are really excited to see that a Partner as strong as IP Infusion has decided to join our #Back2Open Program to help our customers migrate back to Open Networking. With all of IP Infusion’s supported features and hardware compatibility with a wide range of open networking switches and routing platforms, Cumulus Users will be able to take their networks to the next level.

Łukasz Łukowski, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Cumulus Linux users who need to migrate to open networking can count on IP Infusion. As a reliable and trusted provider of open network operating systems that offer rich features and a solid roadmap, IP Infusion delivers our OcNOS® products to the broad data center solutions for the Back2Open program. We are dedicated to helping to bring Cumulus Linux users back to their Open Networking path.

Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO
IP Infusion

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