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Exploring the Edgecore ECS4150 Series: A Deep Dive into the ECS4150-54T and ECS4150-54P Switches


Building efficient and reliable networks is a challenge that many companies face. Products such as the ECS4150-54T and ECS4150-54P from Edgecore Networks offer advanced solutions that can significantly improve network performance. In this article, we take a closer look at these switches, their key features and application scenarios to help you understand how they can support your networking needs. 

Introduction to Edgecore ECS4150 Series 

The Edgecore ECS4150 series consists of high-performance Gigabit Ethernet access switches. These switches are designed to provide superior network performance, security and management simplicity. The ECS4150-54T and ECS4150-54P models are particularly notable for their scalability and versatility in various network environments. 

Key features of ECS4150-54T and ECS4150-54P 

Both models feature 24 x RJ-45 10/100/1000BASE-T ports and 4 x 10G SFP+ uplink ports providing enough bandwidth for high-speed data transmission. The switches support auto-negotiation of port speeds and duplex mode, providing smooth integration into existing network infrastructure. 

Power over Ethernet (PoE): 

ECS4150-28P model is equipped with a PoE functionality. This feature is ideal for powering devices such as wireless access points, VoIP phones, surveillance cameras and IoT devices directly over UTP Cat 5 cables, eliminating the need for separate power sources. 

Advanced network management: 

With wide-ranging management options, including a command-line interface (CLI), simple network management protocol (SNMP) and web-based management, these switches offer flexible and efficient control. Support for advanced IPv6 management, security and multicast control ensures future-proof network operations as IPv6 deployment grows. 

Robust Security and QoS: 

The ECS4150 series is equipped with enhanced security features such as port security, MAC authentication, dynamic VLAN assignment and L2/L3/L4 access control lists (ACLs). In addition, they provide upgraded quality of service (QoS) with 8 priority queues per port and traffic classification options, ensuring smooth and prioritized data flow. 

Energy-Efficient Design: 

The ECS4150-28T operates with a fanless, noiseless design, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments. Meanwhile, the ECS4150-28P features fan speed control to optimize cooling efficiency and reduce power consumption, making both models energy-efficient choices. 

Feature ECS4150-54T ECS4150-54P 
Ports 24 x RJ-45 10/100/1000BASE-T, 4 x 10G SFP+ uplink ports 24 x RJ-45 10/100/1000BASE-T, 4 x 10G SFP+ uplink ports 
PoE Support No Yes 
Power over Ethernet No Ideal for powering wireless access points, VoIP phones, surveillance cameras, and IoT devices 
Management Options CLI, SNMP, web-based management CLI, SNMP, web-based management 
Security Features Port security, MAC authentication, dynamic VLAN assignment, L2/L3/L4 ACLs Port security, MAC authentication, dynamic VLAN assignment, L2/L3/L4 ACLs 
Energy Efficiency Fanless, noiseless design Fan speed control for optimized cooling and reduced power consumption 
Tab.1. Comparision table of ECS4150-54T AND ECS4150-54P. 


High performance 

Gigabit and 10G links: Both switches provide high-speed Gigabit Ethernet ports and four SFP+ uplink ports. These features provide high-speed data transfer and enable seamless network expansion, making them suitable for bandwidth-intensive applications and growing network requirements. 


PoE Support (ECS4150-28P): The ECS4150-28P features Power over Ethernet (PoE), which allows devices such as wireless access points, VoIP phones and surveillance cameras to be powered directly via Ethernet cables. This reduces the need for additional power supplies and simplifies installation, leading to significant infrastructure cost savings. 

Energy efficiency 

Low power consumption: The ECS4150-28T operates without a fan, making it ideal for environments where noise and energy efficiency are critical. On the other hand, the ECS4150-28P features fan speed control to optimize cooling and reduce power consumption, ensuring energy-efficient operation even under heavy loads. 

Advanced security features 

Robust security: These switches are equipped with comprehensive security features, including port security and MAC authentication. These measures help prevent unauthorized access and ensure that the network remains safe from potential threats. In addition, advanced IPv6 security features prepare the network for future IPv6 deployments, protecting against modern cyber threats. 

Easy management 

Flexible options: The ECS4150 series offers multiple management interfaces, including a command-line interface (CLI), simple network management protocol (SNMP) and web-based management. This flexibility allows network administrators to choose the most convenient and efficient method of network management and monitoring, ensuring smooth and seamless management. 


SMB and enterprises:  

ECS4150 series switches are ideal for providing reliable and fast network access for SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) and large enterprises. Their scalability ensures that they can grow with the organization, while robust security features protect sensitive data. 

Campus networks:  

In educational institutions and large office complexes, ECS4150 switches provide seamless connectivity across multiple buildings and departments. High switching performance and PoE support make them ideal for supporting multiple devices, including IP cameras and Wi-Fi access points. 

IoT and cloud edge access:  

These switches are also ideal for IoT deployments and cloud edge access scenarios, connecting various smart devices and ensuring reliable data transmission to and from the cloud. 


The Edgecore ECS4150-28T and ECS4150-28P Gigabit Ethernet switches combine high performance, comprehensive management, and advanced security features, making them excellent choices for modern network environments. Whether for ISPs, enterprises, or SMBs, these switches deliver reliable, efficient, and future-proof network solutions. 


Fig.1. ECS4150 series switches application script.


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