Use Case: Broadcasting Industry

The rapid development of the media and broadcasting industry is setting high standards for network infrastructures in questions of flexibility, reliability and efficiency. Omnimago, a Germany-based full-service provider particularly specialized in post-editing, digitalization and storage, required a scalable, high-speed network infrastructure while sticking to a tight budget.

As the Open Networking Expert, STORDIS aims to drive innovation in the field of Open Networking. Therefore, it was a great opportunity to provide Omnimago with the most efficient combination of high-quality hardware and software and to supervise the installation.

Edgecore Networks offers scalable, disaggregated network solutions. Their industry-leading products are essentially qualified to meet network requirements in different markets, particularly in the broadcasting industry. Edgecore’s complete solutions generate value for customers by offering a broad product portfolio spanning data center switches, core switches, access switches, enterprise-level wireless devices and network management tools. One of these is the Edgecore AS5712-54X, which was deployed at Omnimago. As the expert in the field of Open Networking, STORDIS endorses the high quality of Edgecore’s bare metal switches and the spectrum of possibilities their products offer.

Pica8 developed an open Linux-based network operating system that runs on a large number of conventional white box switches from various manufacturers and perfectly complements the deployed Edgecore AS5712-54X. The unique network operating system PICOS® provides unlimited, non-disruptive control of the enterprise applications, enables monitoring dynamic traffic, as well as security and delegation capabilities. PICOS® is fully interoperable with the existing legacy infrastructure to increase flexibility, performance, security and reliability at a fraction of the cost, which made it the perfect choice for Omnimago in combination with the Edgecore AS5712-54X.

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