The first P4 Hackathon organized by the P4 Education Working Group was a great success! It was held in Frankfurt, Germany, on March 29th 2019 and P4 users of all levels were invited to join the workshops and tutorials for P4.

The purpose of this event was to encourage the development of innovative, proof-of-concept data plane applications, and to support the open-source community through the development of tools and infrastructure. The organizing committee of the P4 Hackathon, Noa Zilberman (P4 Education Working Group), Robert Soulé (P4 Education Working Group) and Aaron A. Glenn (AAGlenn Internetworking Company) featured a full day of P4 and P4Runtime learning, discussion, and hacking.

P4 is a protocol-independent programming language used to examine, define, and customize the packet forwarding behavior within network devices. P4 is open, easy to access and was rapidly adopted by the industry since its creation in 2013.

As committed sponsor of the P4 Hackathon, STORDIS was delighted to be a part of this venture. It is our ambition to continuously drive innovation in the area of Open Networking forward, and it was a pleasure to get in contact with everyone, and create new collaborations between and within academia and industry. As the Open Networking Expert, we support the development and distribution of P4, and we are proud to be the exclusive partner of Barefoot Networks in Europe.


STORDIS P4 Programmable Switches

To exploit the full potential of P4, STORDIS designed a powerful network switch deploying a Barefoot Tofino ASIC. The field-proven architecture of Tofino is the industry’s first-ever P4-programmable network switching ASIC. The recently launched BF2556X-1T and the BF6064X-T deliver a breakthrough performance, full programmability, flexibility of network stack, and upgradability.

STORDIS Advanced Programmable Switches with Barefoot Tofino™ ASIC


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