STORDIS Signs Distribution Agreement with Microtel Innovation

We are happy to announce that we have signed a distribution agreement with Microtel Innovation, that makes us a Distributor of their rich product portfolio of Network Packet Brokers, Networks TAPs and related devices.

This agreement allows us to extend our disaggregated Networking portfolio with Microtel Innovation’s Network Packet Broker Solutions. These are based on 10Gbit/25Gbit/100Gbit (with 400Gbit coming soon) Bare Metal Switches from Edgecore Networks – our long-time reliable partner in the Open Networking world.

Apart from these Network Packet Brokers (NPB), Microtel Innovation also provides a wide range of visibility products including Network TAPs, GTP Balancer and Offloader, Packet Duplication and Header Stripping dedicated appliances.

You can check all of these products out in our STORDIRECT shop, where you can also directly request quotes for these products.

“Freedom, Independence and Innovation is key for Open Networking Solutions and we are proud to have found the right partner to collaborate and build up on the disaggregated approach of providing open Load Balancing and Network Packet Broker solutions.”

Waldemar Scheck,

“We are excited to start this important collaboration with a company that is a recognized market leader in Open Networking. Bringing our deep knowledge and proven experience in the Telco and Security monitoring space and leveraging the disaggregated approach to create innovative and future-proof solutions, we will generate the in-depth, extensive and actionable Network Visibility our customers need.”

Gianni Pompermaier,
Microtel Innovation President and CEO

“We are very excited about the relationship between Microtel, STORDIS, and Edgecore. One of the key factors to drive the wider adoption of open networking is to make it easier for customers to acquire, deploy and support open network technology. This new relationship will allow customers to get an OEM-like experience while getting all of the benefits of open networking.”

Andrzej Brzezinski,
Edgecore Networks Sales Director EMEA

Press Release

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