Revolutionizing Network Management with BE Networks Verity

Revolutionizing Network Management

Explore open networking’s transformation: open NOS, advanced orchestration streamline management. Meet BE Networks Verity revolutionizes data center networking with automation and real-time visibility.

What makes Verity unique? Seamless SONiC integration reveals networking’s future: efficient, adaptable, innovative. It’s not just about managing networks; it’s about reinventing them.

Join us in the open networking and orchestration journey, guided by Verity and SONiC. Discover the boundless potential where technology and vision converge.

Introduction to Open Networking

In the world of network technology, open networking is crucial. It separates hardware and software, allowing open-source options. This flexibility lets organizations tailor network operations to their needs.

Embracing Open Network Operating Systems

At the heart of open networking are open Network Operating Systems (NOS), which lay the software groundwork for controlling network devices such as switches and routers in an open network framework.

These systems work on various network devices. They support a wide range of network equipment, promoting versatility. Open NOS adoption improves network architecture flexibility. It enhances scalability and reduces ownership costs.

Simplifying Complexities Through Orchestration

Orchestration in open networking automates system coordination and management. It condenses complex tasks, helping IT teams oversee dynamic environments.

Orchestration tools offer a centralized, high-level platform for the management of various network components, streamlining operations and ensuring consistency and dependability across the network infrastructure.

BE Networks Verity: A Unified Orchestration Solution

In the world of open networking, flexibility is crucial. BE Networks™ formerly BeyondEdge Verity, an intent-based network orchestration solution, simplifies managing complex network environments. It combines IBN principles and automation to streamline the network lifecycle. Verity integrates with switch hardware and NOS software, customizing networks. It’s a unified solution for campus edges and data centers. Verity excels in managing networks with less highly skilled network engineering staff. It offers real-time network inventory and topology, enhancing operational agility.

It eliminates the need for complex command-line syntax, enabling quick deployment of SONiC Data Center networks. Additionally, it provides real-time visibility into the network’s structure, streamlining network management and increasing operational agility.

Verity: Orchestrating Networks with Precision and Ease

Verity blends innovation with practicality in open networking. It’s more than connecting points A and B; it’s reshaping network orchestration potentials. Verity helps engineers with network challenges in data centers, campus edges, and AI environments.

In data centers, Verity transforms network deployments, reducing the time needed from weeks to minutes. Efficiency and accessibility drive Verity’s impact. It simplifies network management, making operations faster and more intuitive.

At the Campus Edge, Verity revolutionizes the network landscape with precise tools. It ensures network integrity and security without requiring a large team. This maximizes network infrastructure value, optimizing every component.

In AI Infrastructure, Verity leads the way in AI network integration. It automates AI best practices and deploys multi-tenant network fabrics. It’s not all about speed; it’s about creating dynamic, intelligent networks for AI applications.

Verity isn’t only an orchestration platform; it’s a symbol of open networking’s power. It equips engineers to build transformative networks, not only functional ones. With Verity, you’re not just navigating modern networks; you’re reshaping them.

Figure 1. Verity Use Cases

Verity for Edge: Elevating Network Automation

Verity for Edge simplifies network orchestration, managing multi-vendor complex network efficiently. It offers automation and simplicity for both new and existing setups.

The main advantages of BE Networks™ software include:

  • Hyper-Automation: Accelerates the addition of new devices and applications with high accuracy.

Scalability is handling many nodes at once, supporting many servers/GPUs. It’s convenient to manage everything with a single point of management. This reduces vulnerability and maintains consistent policies. Additionally, it offers flexibility by supporting mixed vendor environments. It can integrate in both data centers and at the network edge.

  • Live, Zoomable and Navigable Network Map

Precise graphical visibility of how the network is configured and what is connected to it is a game-changer.  Verity provides the operator with a live view of the current state of the network. Network operators can zoom in or out of the topology with a few clicks. They can view tenants, locations, and individual switch ports.

Figure 2.  Navigable Network Map.

  • Detailed Real-Time and Historical Analytics

Verity provides comprehensive insights into network performance, enabling proactive management and informed decision-making based on current and past data trends.

Figure 3. Accurate Device Inventory.

Architecture and Real-time Visibility

The Verity system has two main software components: vNetC and SDLC. They are virtual machines in business networks. The vNetC houses the database, web server, and an upward-facing RESTful API. The SDLC oversees tangible devices and acts as a connector to link them with the vNetC. Verity provides network managers with a real-time view of network status. It helps investigate services, sites, and switch ports.

Figure 4. High-Level Architecture

Tackling Network Challenges Head-on

Corporate networks must be agile, strong, and secure to support business functions. Verity addresses IT department challenges, including combining diverse network systems. This complexity often arises after mergers or acquisitions. Verity is a comprehensive NSoT. It offers advanced search and visualization for current and past network conditions. The platform’s reporting features enhance operational clarity and strategic choices. Verity is essential for modern network administration.

Enhancing SONiC Networks with Verity: Versatility Across Versions

Exploring Verity with SONiC unveils its networking innovations. SONiC, a Linux-based open-source system, excels in high-performance networks. Data center giants have adopted SONiC, enhancing network scalability and reliability. SONiC’s architecture prioritizes flexibility and robustness, ideal for modern networks. Its open-source design allows for diverse hardware options, reducing costs. Moreover, SONiC frees architects from vendor restrictions, ensuring hardware flexibility.

Verity’s Harmonization with SONiC: A New Epoch in Network Orchestration

With Verity, the orchestration of SONiC networks is transformed, bringing a new level of simplicity and efficiency to network management. This is achieved by navigating the diverse landscape of SONiC versions with finesse, providing a suite of tools that enhance deployment and ensure the continuous agility, security, and functionality of networks.

Figure 5. Supported SONiC Distributions

Enhancing SONiC Networks with Verity: Key Features

Verity simplifies network lifecycle management by implementing Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and facilitating easy NOS upgrades. It simplifies routine configuration changes, making network operations efficient.

Moreover, BE Networks Verity supports traditional hardware vendors like Juniper, Celestica, and Edgecore (, enabling networks to be built from scratch on SONiC. This support also facilitates a smoother migration process for existing network infrastructures.

Figure 6. Verity Key Features

Verity offers Unified Operational Excellence for diverse networking environments. It reduces operational overhead by 90%, allowing swift application deployment.

It excels in supporting various SONiC versions, from open source to commercial. This compatibility tailors networks to operational needs effectively.

Verity provides proactive network visibility and control with advanced analytics. It ensures optimal network health and performance.

By staying current with the latest networking features, Verity future-proofs networks. It keeps infrastructure modern and efficient for evolving demands.

Integrating Verity with SONiC networks creates customized and efficient environments. Its adaptability and features make it a vital tool for leveraging SONiC capabilities.


Conclusion and advantages of BE Networks solution

BE Networks Verity platform excels in orchestrating networks across different environments. It offers hyper-automation, scalability, single-point management, flexibility, and real-time insights. These benefits enhance network efficiency, security, and adaptability. Verity’s compatibility with SONiC networks showcases its versatility in navigating complex landscapes seamlessly.

Engineers and IT professionals can explore open networking with BE Networks™ solutions. For more details or to address network challenges, contact our expert team at STORDIS (


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