Discovering STORDIS: Your Trusted Supplier for High-Quality Transceivers and Network Solutions

Discovering STORDIS: Your Trusted Supplier for High-Quality Transceivers and Network Solutions

At STORDIS, we are passionate about offering extraordinary transceivers and network solutions customized to meet your specific requirements. Having already delivered over 100,000 transceivers to clients in more than 75 countries, our proven track record demonstrates our commitment to quality and service.

Why should you choose STORDIS?

Expert Assistance

We believe that business is conducted between people and that is why our team of experts is always ready to help you choose the most suitable solution. We are here to meet your needs and find cost-effective alternative products with the highest performance/cost value. Finally, we will answer any of your questions and assist you in the deployment of your network.

Fast Delivery

Need a fast delivery? We get it. That’s why we maintain high stock levels to ensure we can ship many transceivers immediately.

IT Support

Already purchased a transceiver and have questions? No problem. Our team of experts is happy to share their knowledge and solve any technical problems you might face deploying transceivers on multivendor platforms.

Wide Range of Transceivers:

We offer transceivers with bandwidths ranging from 1G to the latest 800G, used in Data Centers and AI/ML systems. Our transceivers come with a variety of connectors, including copper, MTP/MPO, and the most commonly used duplex LC.

Our broad selection of transceivers include:

1G to 800G Transceivers: Covering all main bandwidths to fulfill all requirements.

Variety of Standards: Including T (Copper RJ45), SX (Short range), LX (Long range), EX (Extended range), BiDi (Bidirectional), and ZX (Very long range).

Connectors: Containing RJ45, Duplex LC, and various MPO/MTP configurations.

For more information on the types of transceivers we can supply, please refer to our blog: ⁣Transceivers: Functions, Types, & Applications Overview (

Brands in our Portfolio:

Finisar: A well-known brand with high quality and a broad range of products. Our warehouse stocks many of these products, offering multiple coding options such as the basic MSA Standard and Juniper.

Flexoptix: Known for rapid delivery and the ability to code transceivers to meet specific customer needs. STORDIS offers the flexibility of free multiple coding, meeting all customer requirements.

Switch2Open: Products are coded with the standard MSA coding. They are notable for their competitive pricing and warehouse availability.

Our commitment to You:

At STORDIS, we have a dedicated team that continually enhance their skills to adapt to the latest technologies, meet customer ever-changing needs and provide the best advice for network configuration. Our team is always ready to assist you and help meet the requirements of your network or business.

Explore our offerings here:

⁣Explore the STORDIS Store: Your One-Stop Shop


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