A Quantum Leap Forward: Unveiling OcNOS-SP 6.3.0 by IP Infusion

The Dawn of a New Era in Open Networking

A wave of exhilaration is washing over the open networking world, fueled by IP Infusion’s latest release, OcNOS-SP 6.3.0. But this isn’t just any software update. This is a watershed moment in IP Infusion’s journey, marking astounding progress since its inception, with enhancements ranging from hardware compatibility to feature enrichment and improved customer support.

IP Infusion’s Evolution: The Journey So Far

Since my first interaction with IP Infusion in 2014 during my tenure at Edgecore Networks, I’ve witnessed their remarkable growth and development. Over the years, they’ve pushed boundaries on all fronts, not just enhancing their software, but extending hardware compatibility, refining customer support, and significantly improving their documentation.

The Standout Release: OcNOS-SP 6.3.0

The transformative journey of IP Infusion reaches a milestone with the release of OcNOS-SP 6.3.0. This version beautifully encapsulates the company’s achievements, reflecting their dedication towards hardware diversity, feature enrichment, comprehensive documentation, and stellar customer support.

Empowering Users: Enhanced Documentation and Customer Support

IP Infusion has enriched its documentation with a plethora of valuable configuration examples, making it easier for network engineers to understand, implement, and troubleshoot the software. Their commitment to user empowerment and knowledge sharing is evident. They’ve also expanded their European customer support team, allowing them to offer 24/7 assistance and thereby enhancing their customer service quotient.

Pioneering Features: Taking Network Operations to the Next Level

The latest release brings pioneering features such as Split Horizon in VPLS, BGP Flowspec, and ISIS Microloop Avoidance. These enhancements provide even greater network control and security. OpenConfig support has been expanded, including new leaves for BGP and OSPFv2, a testament to IP Infusion’s commitment to interoperability.

Seeing is Believing: Real-World Applications and Experiential Learning

IP Infusion presents a series of engaging case studies to demonstrate OcNOS in action, offering invaluable insights. For those wanting to experiment with OcNOS without initial hardware investment, the OcNOS Virtual Machine (VM) is a fantastic tool. It enables users to explore the software, validate configurations, and test various features without any financial constraints.

Future-Proof Solutions: A Plethora of Hardware Options

The innovations in IP Infusion’s OcNOS software resonate in their extensive hardware lineup, featuring top-tier offerings from Edgecore. Each Edgecore device symbolizes the perfect synergy of robust hardware design and innovative software solutions.

Here are a few standout models from the Edgecore lineup that offer compatibility with OcNOS:


  1. AS5916-54XKS (AGR130 – 800G Aggregation Router): A popular model that employs the Qumran MX chipset, offering a switch capacity of 800Gbps and features 48 x 10G SFP+ and 6 x 100G QSFP28 ports.


  1. AS7535-28XB (CSR440 – 800G Cell Site Router): This newcomer uses the Qumran 2A chipset, providing a robust switch capacity of 800Gbps. It comes with 24 x 25G SFP28, 2 x 100G QSFP28, and 2 x 400G QSFP-DD ports with ZR+ support.


  1. AS7946-30XB (AGR400 – 2.4T Aggregation Router): Leveraging the Qumran 2C chipset, this powerhouse delivers a switch capacity of 2.4Tbps and features a variety of ports.


  1. AS7946-74XKSB (AGR420 – 2.4T Aggregation Router): Also utilizing the Qumran 2C chipset, this model showcases a switch capacity of 2.4 Tbps and comes with a range of ports. It also features OP2, ensuring long-term sustainability of the routing table.

While the spotlight is on Edgecore, it’s worth mentioning that IP Infusion also integrates seamlessly with UfiSpace hardware. Notably, the UfiSpace S9600-56DX, which offers a staggering switch capacity of 4.8Tbps, along with a versatile range of ports like 48 x 100G QSFP28 and 8 x 400G QSDP-DD – just WOW!

OcNOS VM: No Hardware? No Problem!

The OcNOS VM is available for download via GNS3 and supports a wide array of hardware platforms and chipsets. You can run the VM on Graphical Network Simulator-3 (GNS3) and hypervisors such as KVM, VirtualBox, and VMware, offering a game-changing solution for network testing.

The Future is Open

The release of OcNOS-SP 6.3.0 reflects IP Infusion’s unyielding dedication to revolutionizing the networking landscape. This launch has set a new standard in open networking and disaggregation, ushering in an era where a diverse range of unique platforms can serve as routers for your network.

With the OcNOS VM available for download via GNS3, IP Infusion ensures that everyone can experience the advantages of OcNOS without any constraints.

Keen to explore the future of networking? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how to experiment with the OcNOS VM or real hardware. The power to shape the future is at your fingertips. Let’s build a better-connected world with OcNOS-SP 6.3.0 – one network at a time.


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