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Upcoming P4 Hackathon eagerly anticipated by the Community

The one-day event focusing on P4 is organized by the P4 Education Working Group in collaboration with KPN, STORDIS, and AAGlenn Internetworking Company, and takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The event intends to bring various P4 users of all levels in the open-source community together to share the development of innovative data plane applications, tools and infrastructure.

The organizer and host will be Aaron Glenn from AAGlenn Internetworking Company, operating in the US and Berlin, Germany. The experienced telecommunications engineer provides network design, development, deployment, and various operation services to his customers.

“It’s great to see both industry and academia excited about the possibilities of programmable networks. I’m hoping to continue sharing ideas, gaining new knowledge, and meeting more people with an interest in the P4 language. With nearly 60 attendees from all around Europe registered for this second hackathon event, I am excited to have an even better time hanging out and writing code! The continued support of our generous sponsors will mean a third and fourth are coming soon,” says Aaron Glenn, Managing Director of AAGlenn Internetworking Company.

P4 enthusiast and senior director of product management and marketing at Barefoot Networks (now an Intel company) Prem Jonnalagadda will attend the hackathon to join the collective activity. “It’s a pleasure for me to be a part of this event, to meet new people from the European P4 community, see familiar as well as new faces, and chat about open and programmable networking solving critical connectivity challenges faced by network operators. It is amazing to see the continuing rapid growth of the P4 community with more and more engineers eager to learn to program in P4. P4 has become the domain-specific programming language for networking and it is wonderful to see it being adopted all over the world,” he says.

STORDIS’ valuable partner Barefoot Networks provided the Barefoot Tofino ASIC, which is the P4-programmable heart of the new STORDIS Advanced Programmable Switches (APS). The switches are the first Tofino-powered Open Networking switches to be OCP Accepted™ and the first units to support Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and 1Gb throughput among other versatile features, delivering significant business advantage in various fields of the industry.

“Programmability is key to new open source technologies and gains more and more relevance within the industry. STORDIS supports the transition of the market from a traditionally closed environment to a flexible, efficient, standards-based system. It is a great honor for us to work together with the P4 Education Workgroup and to help them promote these advancements,” says Alexander Jeffries, CEO of STORDIS and sponsor of the event.

In the context of STORDIS ACADEMY, the German-based company organizes unique training courses worldwide to provide insights into the latest Open Networking technologies, such as data plane programming with P4 and Barefoot’s P4 Studio™ Software Development Environment (SDE). The courses are most suitable for software developers and architects tasked with design and development of data plane and control plane programs for the modern networking equipment.

For more information about the P4 programming language, visit our P4 Programming Language page or the P4 Language Consortium.

If you would like to participate in upcoming P4 training courses, please contact us or visit STORDIS ACADEMY.

You will find more information about AAGlenn Internetworking Company at AAGico Berlin

You will find more information about Barefoot Networks, an Intel company, on our Barefoot partner page or at BAREFOOT.


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