STORDIS Introduces #Back2Open Program for Stranded Cumulus Linux Users

We are happy to be able to introduce to you our #Back2Open Program for stranded Cumulus Linux users! Make the switch back to an actively supported and maintained Open Network Operating System (NOS) now – with a free NOS software license*.

Some background information: You have probably heard the news by now that Cumulus Linux and Broadcom are parting ways, after NVIDIA acquired Cumulus Linux.

This development has a major impact on anyone that is using a combination of Cumulus Linux with a network switch that is powered by a Broadcom ASIC and will require some form of action to avoid that negative impact.

Our #Back2Open Program was initiated for exactly that reason: We will help you switch from Cumulus Linux back to an actively maintained and supported Open Networking OS (NOS) – with a free NOS license*.
*Only the software support would need to be acquired.

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