STORDIS – 15 Year Business Anniversary

Today, the STORDIS Group has another reason to celebrate: STORDIS GmbH has reached its 15th anniversary!

It was 2007 when STORDIS was founded as a Value-Added Distributor for storage products. Only 7 years later, in 2014, a Team of IT enthusiasts started the successful journey into Open Disaggregated Networking. STORDIS officially became key partners with Edgecore Networks Corporation, Pica8, Inc. and Cumulus Networks.

The next step was taken in 2017 when we started to promote Open Networking in the UK; but that story you already know about because we recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of STORDIS Ltd.

Since then, a lot has happened: we are fully engaged in the Open Networking market and are a key Partner of the Open Networking Community, promoting the evolution of Disaggregated Networking and actively engaging in projects such es SONiC, DENT and MONSOON. STORDIS encourages and supports continuous learning by offering the in-depth Unboxing Open Networking and SONiC pieces of training through the route2open Academy.

We formed the STORDIS Group by bringing together the experience, talent and know-how from all three parts of our business: STORDIS GmbH, STORDIS Ltd and Route2Open. In the last 3 years we have grown organically into a very diverse and integrated team operating in 3 countries with one vision: to become the world’s leading open networking solutions provider, partnering with customers to drive R&D and contributing to open source communities.

It is amazing to see how much we have created together and how much we have given to each other. Projects, services, courses, products, and most of all relationships. Relationships between our colleagues, our suppliers and our customers. We believe that we are The Open Networking Expert delivering customer-centric solutions.

For our partners, we are constantly evolving, and it shows! We live our Values: to be a trusted team, passionate to deliver innovation. And we believe in improvement: To be better together!

Maybe the recipe for our success is our close-knit team, our approach to every-day working: together and with passion.

So, here we are: Happy 15th Anniversary, STORDIS!



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