Rethink Your Data Center Infrastructure

Does your current data center network meet the requirements of increased data rates when all your employees work from home and need access to the corporate network?


Situations that require a majority of the population to work from home force us to rely on the existing network infrastructure of our company. We need to ensure that our network complies to modern standards in regards to

  • Bandwidth and throughput
  • Capacity and recency of hardware
  • Stability of the network
  • Accessibility and connectivity
  • Security

With the outbreak of COVID-19, tens of thousands of employees have been confronted with the unprecendeted situation of having to work from home. As a result of this, corporate networks have to manage heavily increased remote workloads.

This situation requires companies to review the current state of their network infrastructure, analyze and evaluate the performance, and find out what needs to be improved to maintain continued operations and keep the business running in the best possible way. They may need to set up a strategy to restructure the network in order to meet certain standards, avoid remaining below potential or being left behind the capabilities of modern technology.

Review your network with particular reference to the following aspects:

Capacity and Performance

The infrastructure needs to be able to handle heavy workloads due to the increased use of remote tools, as well as a quick adaption to new scenarios and requirements.

Administrative Conditions and Accessibility

Ensure ease of use for all employees when working remotely and connectivity for collaborative use.

Efficiency and Low Latency

Virtualize shared drives to cloud environments to prevent bottlenecks, separate upstream and downstream and get rid of unnecessary cabling to avoid loss of data traffic.


When remotely accessing the corporate network via virtual private network (VPN), you need to make sure that the risk of attacks and threads from malware is reduced to a minimum.

How STORDIS can help you

As the ‘Open Networking Expert’ we are always up-to-date in our solutions‘ standards. Our STORDIS LABS offer the possibility to test and verify cutting-edge technology and to integrate it into the existing network regardless of the size and the vendor – on-site and remotely – to realize the best suitable solution. If you would like an Open Networking expert to review your current network environment, we are happy to offer professional consultation and support for a smooth integration to increase capacity, efficiency and adaptivity.

And once your digital infrastructure can handle the required traffic, your network is ready to take on any future challenges and provides a sustainable infrastructure that lasts beyond the threat of coronavirus.

In the long term, the outcome gives you the chance to elaborate a new mode of operation and improve work life for every employee, by enabling everyone to work flexibly, remotely and in a modern, convenient way.

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