P4 Training Course in July 2019

July 16th – 19th, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our latest P4 training course was again incredibly inspiring! Vladimir Gurevich from Barefoot Networks hosted the four-day course on data plane programming in P4, Tofino device architecture, and P4 Studio™ Software Development Environment (SDE). Just like the previous time, the course generated strong interest and the participants were highly motivated to learn and apply their knowledge.

P4 programming language is becoming increasingly popular among companies and developers. After a successful P4 training course in June with more than thirty attendees, the recent course hosted by STORDIS ACADEMY in collaboration with Barefoot Academy again nearly sold out. With the course, STORDIS strives to give all interested parties the chance to learn about data plane programming in P4, Tofino device architecture and P4 Studio™ Software Development Environment (SDE), and ensure a proficient realization to meet everyone’s expectations.

Twenty-seven programmers, developers and system engineers from all over Europe took part in the second P4 Training Course BA-102 hosted by Vladimir Gurevich, Director of Customer Training and Education at Barefoot Networks. BA-102 is an introductory course designed to cover a variety of material, which allows participants to easily read, understand, and modify switch.p4_16 and related APIs. Excerpts from switch.p4_16 were discussed and used as examples throughout the course. The course provided the theoretical basis to data plane development and gave the participants time for practical application of the material.

Following the previous course in June, we aspired to improve the structure of the course and amended the schedule to give every participant more time to engage in the subject and try out the theoretical content of the course. ‘I am very proud of all those motivated students; they become more and more involved each time and are already very well prepared since the first day. And just as every time, it was a pleasure to work together with STORDIS and Delta Networks to make this happen,’ Vladimir says.

Further training courses are scheduled to take place in Autumn 2019:

  • Nov. 12th – 15th

 You will find the registration form and further information about the course content at STORDIS ACADEMY.

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