The follow-up P4 training course was a huge success! It took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on June 11th to 14th 2019, and gave an introduction to data plane programming in P4, Tofino device architecture and P4 Studio™ Software Development Environment (SDE).

After a great start to the P4 training course – BA-101 Introduction to Data Plane Development with Tofino and Capilano™ SDE hosted by STORDIS in collaboration with the Barefoot Academy and Delta Networks last year – it was time to continue programming with the subsequent BA-102 course. A total of thirty-two participants from various universities and companies attended the follow-up course BA-102 on June 11th – 14th in Amsterdam. This intensive four-day training course offered an introduction to data plane programming in P4, Tofino device architecture and P4 Studio™ Software Development Environment (SDE), including Barefoot APIs and development workflows. The event was a huge success and entirely met the expectations of the participants.

BA-102 is an introductory course, designed to cover a variety of material, which allows participants to easily read, understand, and modify switch.p4_16 and related APIs. Excerpts from switch.p4_16 were discussed and used as examples throughout the course. The course provided the theoretical basis to data plane development and gave the participants enough time for practical application of the material. All of the participants were actively engaged in the subject and the four days were filled with an exchange of knowledge and information, and many new experiences.

The course was hosted by Vladimir Gurevich, Director of Customer Training and Education at Barefoot Networks since 2017. Vladimir imparts profound in-depth knowledge and delivers highly efficient and sophisticated trainings all around the globe. “It was a great pleasure to meet all those engaged people from all over Europe to talk with them about data plane development. They became involved quite quickly and kept on trying everything out. The seminar itself was, as always, very well managed, thanks to our organizer STORDIS. And thanks to Delta, who made the premises available,” he said.

Just like the first training course, the subsequent BA-102 course generated strong interest and received far more requests than available places, so another P4 training course will be held on July 16th – 19th. If you would like to learn about the capabilities of P4 or expand your knowledge on data plane programming, please register at STORDIS ACADEMY.


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