Now Ready to Watch – Recorded Webinar Session with Pica8: “#Back2Open Migrates Cumulus Linux Users to Pica8”

On August 17th, 2021 we held a very informative webinar together with our great partners Pica8 on our #Back2Open Program – our rescue program for stranded Cumulus Linux users. (Click here, if you want to learn, why certain Cumulus Linux Users will become stranded).

The live webinar was quite a success – admittedly with some small technical issues in the beginning. Despite that we had a great turnout and some very interested attendees with many great questions on Pica8 and the #Back2Open Program in general.

We once again would like to thank everyone that registered and attended for the great time and experience.

However if you were not able to attend the live webinar or have missed registering for it – do not worry: We have recorded the full webinar and uploaded it to our YouTube channel. You can check out the recorded webinar on YouTube or watch it directly below:

If you have any questions or want to learn more about #Back2Open, go ahead and check our #Back2Open Information page or get in touch with us.

Additional information as well as all the presentation documents can be found on the Live Webinar information page – feel free to check it out and share the documents with anyone that might be interested in it.

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