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NEW Era of Open WiFi Edgecore WiFi 6 – Indoor Access Points!

Enjoy blazing fast speeds on all your connected devices and say goodbye to buffering and lags!!!

Meet the Edgecore WiFi 6 – Indoor Access Points!

➡️ EAP101

➡️ EAP102

Edgecore Networks Corporation Networks Wi-Fi 6 #APs provide you with the ultimate speeds and capacity that you need for now and the future.

With Wi-Fi 6 #technology, the AP can deliver ultra-fast speed with low latency and can connect to more devices to provide high-density connectivity, and are 100% backward compatible with older Wi-Fi devices.

Furthermore, the APs support OpenMesh, OpenRoaming, Bluetooth Low Energy & ZigBee for IoT applications. Plus, you can experience quick set-up and easy management using Edgecore ecCLOUD or NetExperience.

Edgecore #WiFi6 APs are perfect for any high-density or performance-critical scenarios such as:

➡️ Small and Medium Enterprise
➡️ Enterprise
➡️ Carrier
➡️ or any other #highdensity environments

LMITED OFFER! Buy OpenWIFI APs devices under NFS DISCOUNT!!!*

Please keep in mind that we do have #APs in stock, which could be allocated to your projects.

Check the full product portfolio and get your quote today 👉:

*NFS offer limited up to 3 units per model (EAP101, EAP102 or SP-W2-AC1200 (WiFi5)) per Customer.


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