Edgecore 400GbE Tofino 2 Switch DCS810 (AS9516-32D): In Stock at STORDIS!

We are happy to announce that we have the Edgecore 400GbE Tofino2 switch DCS810 (AS9516-32D) in stock, ready to be shipped at any time!

This P4 Programmable switch is an ultimate tool for everyone, who wants to take full control of the network stack, including but not limited to the processing of all packets as per your own definition.

  • Protocol-independent switch architecture (PISA) with a P4 Programmable Quad Pipeline design (20 Stages)
  • Switching Capacity of 12.8Tbit in 32 x 400Gbit QSFP-DD Ports
  • Multi-rate support through breakout (4 x 100G, 8 x 50G, 16 x 25G as well as 40G and 10G)
  • Compile your P4 applications faster with a Intel D-1517 CPU providing higher bandwidth between the Data Plane and Control Plane
What can I do with it and where does it fit?
  • Machine and Deep learning network fabrics
  • Create own logic in switching and routing (aggregation, balancing, …)
  • Advanced monitoring INT (In-band Network telemetry) of line-rate traffic, latency, errors and mission critical data streams
  • Build mechanism to secure your network and prevent attacks (DDoS etc.)
  • 5G and 6G architectures

Those are just a few examples of a very flexible and programmable switch platform. You can also pair the system with an existing NOS providing L2 switching and L3 routing services and run it in your Datacenter, leaving the future option to implement your own packet processing applications.

If you want us to allocate any of the stocked DCS810 switches to current or near future projects, then please feel free to reach out to us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Additional STORDIS Services & Products

As a part of our commitment, we recently started out “SwitchON P4” service. It is designed to guide you through the initial set-up and bring the system into a state, to run own P4 applications. Whatever you are trying to achieve, we are keen to help and support you in getting there.

We also would like to mention the availability of the CREDO HiWire SHIFT AEC, 400G QSFP-DD to 4x 100G QSFP28 Active Electrical Cable, which is the perfect accessory to break out those 400G QSFP-DD ports into 4x100G QSFP28 ports, to connect your switches.


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