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For the European leg of the WWC, we have chosen the enchanting and historic city of Geneva, Switzerland, which stands out as one of the most captivating smaller urban centers on the continent. Geneva is often perceived as having a high cost of living; however, the reality is that it is no more expensive than prominent European metropolises like London, Amsterdam, and Paris. Rest assured, we have taken steps to ensure that our selected hotel venue offers reasonably priced accommodations for our guests.

The WWC will be hosted at the Hilton Geneva Hotel & Conference Centre, conveniently situated near Geneva Airport.
This airport ranks among Europe’s best-connected smaller airports, boasting direct flights to numerous major European destinations and even to iconic cities like New York City and Washington D.C. Positioned against the backdrop of Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc, Geneva stands as one of the continent’s most cosmopolitan cities.

More information to follow shortly. To make sure you receive updated event information go to our Geneva page and register your interest. 

We have the opportunity to meet you at an event in Geneva.