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ICA-XFG-202 is 1-unit advanced, instructor-led course module that offers detailed exploration of the counter and meter externs, available in TNA and T2NA. Course participants will learn how these stateful externs work, how they are organized and addressed and how to properly use them to solve specific problems, both on the data plane and control plane side. The course addresses a variety of advanced topics, necessary to perform accurate counting and metering.
A detailed discussion of the control plane interface explains how to access these objects with maximum efficiency and flexibility.

ICA-XFG-202 is a part of Intel® Connectivity Academy XFG course series and can be taken either in-person or online.

Starting 15th February – is a 1-unit course about counters and meters.


Upon the completion of the course, the students will:

• Obtain the detailed understanding of counter and meter functionality and the underlying algorithms, including specific constraints, imposed on those externs by the high-speed environments.
• Be able to correctly place counters and meters in either ingress or egress pipeline, depending on the specific requirements.
• Understand the specific hardware resources used by counters and meters and be able to optimize their programs for resource usage.
• Understand the concept of table symmetricity, how it applies to stateful resources and how it can be used to optimize both data and control plane programs.
• Understand the concept of volatile table fields and use synchronization correctly and efficiently


Each unit consists of a 2-hour-long lecture (presentation) with one break and is followed by the hands-on labs.


This course is most suitable for data plane designers tasked with implementing P4 programs on Intel Tofino™ ASIC family devices.


To attend an online presentation, you will need to create a free Zoom account, associated with your work email address. Upon the registration, you will receive a link to the online event. You will also receive invitations to establish accounts on Slack and the P4ica Support Portal for lab support and materials access, also associated with your work email address.


As your trusted partner for all things P4 and Intel Tofino, STORDIS is thrilled to guide you on this transformative journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the future of networking and become a specialist in P4 development.


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