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Unlock the Full Potential of Programmable Networking with P4! Join us for an exclusive online P4 training program, led by P4 expert Vladimir Gurevich, and master the intricacies of P4 development for Intel Tofino Switches. 

ICA-XFG-001 is free, 1-unit preparatory, instructor-led course that provides a quick introduction to the exciting technology of high-speed programmable packet processing. This course is recommended to anyone who wants to attend the introductory academy courses such as ICA-XFG-101 to learn about P4 Language, Intel® P4 Studio, and Intel Tofino™ Family of Intelligent Fabric Processors (IFP) and would like to obtain more background knowledge about the underlying technology and its applications.

ICA-XFG-001 Introduction to Data Plane Programmability

Starting 14th November, at 07:00 PST / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CET – sessions will last for approx. 2 hours

Course Goals:

Upon the completion of the course, the students will:

1. Understand the general architecture of telecommunication systems with the emphasis on the role of the data plane in system functionality and performance
2. Understand the concept of data plane programming and its benefits
3. Understand the typical functionality offloaded to the data plane programs
4. Understand the role of the control plane and control plane APIs
5. Get a roadmap for future education and exploration

Detailed Schedule

The course consists of a 2-hour-long lecture (presentation) with one break. There are no labs due to the introductory nature of the course.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • How are network devices built?
  • Why do we need devices with programmable data planes?
  • Is it possible to build high-speed devices with programmable packet processing algorithms?
  • What packet processing algorithms do and how one can express them?
  • What is the role of the control plane and how it can communicate with the data plane
  • Intel Connectivity Academy training roadmap

Why Attend?

  • Gain expertise in P4 programming and Tofino Switches, directly from P4 expert Vladimir Gurevich.
  • Boost your skills and career in the fast-growing field of programmable networking.

Join the Future of Networking

As your trusted partner for all things P4 and Intel Tofino, STORDIS is thrilled to guide you on this transformative journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the future of networking and become a specialist in P4 development.

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