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The OCP Summit stands out as the primary gathering that brings together the most innovative minds in the realm of open IT Ecosystem development. This summit provides an exclusive platform for our global Community to exchange insights, cultivate partnerships, and present state-of-the-art advancements in open hardware and software.

This live event occurs twice annually. In the Spring, the OCP Regional Summit takes place in Europe, focusing specifically on the unique challenges and solutions relevant to that region. On the other hand, the OCP Global Summit, our largest event, transpires every Fall in San Jose, California.

At the 2024 Global Summit, leaders in the industry, researchers, and pioneers within the open community will participate in dynamic discussions, informative workshops, and hands-on engineering sessions crafted to broaden our comprehension of the progress achieved by our Projects, as well as the obstacles and opportunities that lie ahead. Attendees will delve into emerging trends, address intricate challenges, and uncover fresh possibilities to propel global innovation. Through this collaborative ethos, our goal is to expedite the development of efficient, scalable, and sustainable open compute solutions that will drive the future of technology.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with our customers and partners at the OCP Global Summit. If you’re interested in discussing collaboration and innovation in open networking, feel free to reach out to us and arrange a meeting during the event.