STORDIS announce its new partnership with TachyonNetworks, an industry leader in 60GHz wireless networking technology.

Tachyon Networks

Stuttgart, Germany – August 17th, 2023 – STORDIS – the industry experts and pioneering provider of open networking solutions, is proud to announce its new partnership with Tachyon Networks, an industry leader in 60GHz wireless networking technology. This collaboration will enable STORDIS to distribute Tachyon Networks’ innovative products across the European region, further enhancing its commitment to providing leading-edge open networking solutions.

Tachyon Networks is highly regarded for its revolutionary 60GHz technology, particularly for its flagship fixed wireless access (FWA) products, the TNA-301 and TNA-302. These devices offer numerous advanced features such as multi-gigabit throughput, 3-D beamforming technology that eliminates the need for specialized aiming, support for the full band (57-71GHz), and dynamic TDMA, making them a valuable addition to STORDIS’ Open Networking Strategy and OpenWiFi focus. Tachyon Networks also
recently launched their first managed multi-gigabit switch the TNS-100 to further enable multi-gigabit connections in more applications.

This partnership is expected to offer tangible benefits for customers, enhancing network efficiency and flexibility, and facilitating faster, easier and more cost-effective installations. Tachyon Networks’ technology is geared towards simplifying network management while providing an exceptional degree of adaptability, which aligns perfectly with STORDIS’ ethos of customer-centric solutions.


“Our partnership with Tachyon Networks is a significant stride in our commitment to
support the open networking revolution. Their state-of-the-art 60GHz technology and innovative features bolster our mission to deliver only the best open networking solutions to the European market.” –

Łukasz Łukowski, CSMO, STORDIS

“This strategic collaboration enriches our portfolio with products that lead the industry in terms of technology and innovation. It’s another step towards driving the open networking revolution and offering the most robust and versatile solutions to our customers.” – 

Waldemar Scheck,  CEO, STORDIS

“Collaborating with STORDIS presents an exciting opportunity for us. Their deep commitment to open networking and their robust presence in Europe makes them an ideal partner. We’re looking forward to
the new opportunities this collaboration will create
.” –

Lindsey Barlow, CEO of Tachyon Networks

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