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Benefit from Tailor-Made Solutions

Our Expertise

Founded in 2007, STORDIS participated in the Open Networking Revolution and proceeded to build solid relationships with numerous valued partners and affiliates.


With our profound knowledge of Software Defined Networking, switch orchestration, and the aspiration to continuously stay on the cutting edge, we are one of Europe’s leading companies in the field of Open Networking. We specialize in developing tailor-made network solutions, and our ambition is to drive innovation and the continued success of Open Networking forward.


Equipped with the most recent network technology, two first-class laboratories enable us to provide the best possible support, develop individual software and hardware solutions, and offer a range of comprehensive services to implement and enhance our customers’ network infrastructure.


STORDIS offers generic consulting on Open Networking as well as deep insights into the use of disaggregated hardware and software options. Furthermore, STORDIS professionally promotes resellers distributing Open Networking products. Our consulting services include:


  • Comprehensive consultancy in regards to existing or prospective network environments
  • Advice on the right choice of hardware and software
  • Architectural design of various network topologies
  • Create Open Networking solutions
  • Develop deployment strategy
  • Sales support


The Open Networking strategy enables STORDIS to deploy a multitude of high-quality hardware and software regardless of the existing legacy infrastructure. All use cases will be tested, validated and implemented by professional network engineers. Our deployment services include:


  • Project management
  • Pre-installation and configuration
  • Create automated installation, configuration and management environment
  • Assist in hardware and software installation and configuration
  • Personal transfer, on-site installations and set-up
  • Training and integration services


Over ten years of practical experience in the industry and two STORDIS LABS equipped with cutting-edge technology enable us to provide the best possible support to implement and enhance customized network infrastructures. Our support services include:


  • Hardware warranty exchange / advance exchange services
  • Full support for the complete solution (hardware and software)
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Configuration support
  • Troubleshooting network issues
  • Customized support packages and options

Software Development

STORDIS engages specialised software engineers who focus on the development of innovative network processes. A profound knowledge of programming language P4, Software Defined Networking, SDN controllers and Open Networking enables STORDIS to design individual, scalable and highly flexible open network and open source solutions. Our software development services include:


  • Abstraction of hardware-specific interfaces
  • Providing open protocols towards the controller
  • Tailor-made switch programming with P4
  • Implementing extensions and modifications on the SDN controller
  • Network management solutions via open interfaces (northbound and southbound)
  • Compatible hardware and software solutions