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Affordable 60 GHz PTP & PTMP Fixed Wireless and Connectivity Solutions. Fiber-like speeds using the virtually noise-free 60 GHz band. Quick installation in minutes, instead of hours. Over 2 Gbps achieveable and distances of up to 1 km. Simple management, easy aiming, 60GHz for optimal PtMP.

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Tachyon Networks TNA-301

TNA-301 is an affordable 60 GHz PTP & PTMP Fixed Wireless and Connectivity Solution. An industry-leading PTP and PTMP mmwave radios can operate in the worldwide unlicensed 60GHz band. With more than 90% of all unlicensed spectrum available in this band, Tachyon Networks is able to provide a perfect solution for ISPs that need to deploy multi-gigabit fixed wireless access as well as for related applications like video surveillance, campus WiFi backhaul, and other applications requiring reliable high-bandwidth. Also, with key features like 2.5Gbps ethernet ports, beamforming which eliminates time-consuming aiming, 32 clients per sector, and an excellent range of up to 1km.

All Tachyon TNA-30x family products support the full 60 GHz band (57-71 GHz), including channels 5 and 6. TNA-30x models are also outfitted with easy-to-aim beamforming antennas, and two ethernet ports – one 2.5G port and one 1G port. TNA-301 offers over 2 Gbps speeds and distances of up to 1 km without trenching, permits, or licenses – all with quick and easy aiming using 3-D beamforming – just point TNA-302 client anywhere within the 40° azimuth and 40° elevation scanning range, it will automatically create a directional beam to your TNA-301 access point.

Use Tachyon’s Link Budget Calculator tool to see if the TNA-30x family is right for your installation.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features​

  • High affordability
  • Fiber-like speeds
  • 3-D beamforming for easy installation
  • 60GHz for optimal PtMP
  • Simple management

Key Benefits

  • No added expense of additional software, external services or servers.
  • No hassle of worrying about compatibility issues.
  • Cost-effective Solution.
  • Faster Roll-out of New Services: hardware independence enables quicker deployment and shorter time-to-market.
  • Simplified Operations: streamline your network management to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Break Vendor Lock-in: benefit from fully validated and hardened carrier-grade solutions with a broad ecosystem of technology and integration partners.
  • World-Class Support: access 24/7/365 support to ensure smooth operations and fast issue resolution.

Use Cases​

Most common use cases of product deployment

  • Enterprise Networking: Deploying in large corporate environments to establish and manage secure and high-performance networks.
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Implementing to provide internet connectivity to residential and business customers.
  • Data Centers & Cloud Services: to enhance network connectivity, improve data transfer rates, reduce bottlenecks, optimize network performance and reduce latency for cloud-based applications.
  • IoT (Internet of Things): Using to support IoT devices, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer between connected devices.
  • Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery: might be used to establish rapid communication links during emergencies.
  • Remote Industrial Operations: In remote industrial sites, such as mining operations or offshore facilities, could ensure constant and robust connectivity for critical data transmission, remote monitoring, and control.
  • Military and Defense: could have applications in military and defense operations, supporting secure and reliable communication in remote or challenging environments.
  • Agriculture and Rural Development: In rural areas, might help bridge the digital divide, offering fast and dependable internet connectivity to support agricultural monitoring, smart farming, and rural development initiatives.
  • Research Expeditions: could support research expeditions in isolated areas, enabling researchers to stay connected, access data, and collaborate globally while conducting fieldwork.
  • Others, like: Maritime, Tourism , Remote/Branch Offices.

Tachyon Networks TNA-30x SKU differences

Below table summarizes the differences between the available solutions.

Benefits of Open Networking

  • Future-ready, cutting-edge hardware – Adopt hyperscale technologies for continuous innovation.
  • Significant cost savings – Decrease expenses by as much as 50%.
  • Flexible, Linux-based platform – Enjoy the freedom to select from various applications.
  • Automated processes – Minimize effort in installation/configuration by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Multi-purpose functionality – Utilize versatile solutions for switching, routing, load balancing, and more.
  • Customizable OS options – Install or switch operating systems based on unique needs.
  • Hardware-software independence – Benefit from a non-restrictive, adaptable infrastructure.
  • User-friendly interfaces – Seamlessly navigate CLI, Linux Shell, and automated installation/configuration.

What makes STORDIS your personal Open Networking Expert?

  • Extensive industry experience: With years of experience in the Open Networking space, STORDIS has the expertise to provide tailored solutions for your specific needs.
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  • End-to-end support: From consultation to implementation and beyond, our expert team offers unparalleled support, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
  • Commitment to innovation: STORDIS constantly stays at the forefront of industry advancements, enabling us to provide the most up-to-date and effective solutions for your networking needs.
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Ordering Information

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Tachyon Networks TNA-301 60ghz PTMP Radio Access Point
Additional Features

LAN Ports


WI-FI Band and channels

Full band: 57-71 GHz, Channels: 1-6

Passive PoE

Input power: Passive PoE 24-52V or via DC input screw terminal, Output power: On 1G port: passive PoE out w/max .5A