Monsoon | Open-Source Network Monitoring Exporter for SONiC (Support Subscription)

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Monsoon – Open-Source Network Monitoring Exporter for SONiC, Open2Support Support Subscription


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IT organizations around the globe strive to deliver superior business value by helping their organizations increase productivity, deliver services faster and remain flexible by incorporating the latest technology innovations. This creates multifold challenges in network management. Network admins need to be more proactive and agile in monitoring network performance. However, this is easier said than done.

Introducing Monsoon, an easy-to-use, and open-source network monitoring exporter. It monitors network devices such as routers and switches that are using the SONiC Network Operating System, which is a free to download piece of OS software. Monsoon continuously monitors the network and provides an in-depth visibility and control over it. In case of a fault, you can easily drill down to the root cause and eliminate it before operations are affected.

Track various parameters with Monsoon via the following switch and router monitors:

  • Port / interface monitoring
    • Interface traffic levels (bytes & packets per second)
    • Interface queues
    • Interface errors
    • Optical power levels, voltage, and temperature of transceivers
    • Transceiver type and cable length
  • System level monitoring
    • Ethernet VPN info
    • Static Anycast Gateway info
    • System uptime
    • CPU utilization
    • Memory utilization
    • Storage utilization
  • Dynamic routing monitoring
    • List of BPG peers and BGP routes (per peer)
  • Environmental monitoring
    • PSU power usage
    • Fan speed (RPM) and their status
    • Temperature of various switch components
  • Asset management
    • Device information (model/part number, serial number, NOS version, system MAC address)

Benefits of proactive network performance monitoring:

  • Helps network administrators get an end-user perspective of network and application performance, which helps them detect and resolve issues easily
  • Allows admins to test how a network performs under a certain load so you can better understand your network’s bandwidth and see whether you need to better allocate resources
  • Aids admins in identifying sudden spikes in traffic levels to reduce device downtime
  • Lets you monitor your IP assets and equipment upgrades and ensures smooth performance
  • Use Open-Source Prometheus to collect and store switch monitoring details
  • Leverage Open-Source Grafana to build your dedicated dashboard containing information you want to keep track of

Enterprise Support for Monsoon

Open2Support Support Subscription

STORDIS is fully committed to provide the best level of support to our customers. Therefore, an Enterprise Support Service was designed for Open-Source Monsoon, providing all customers with direct access to our support and engineering team to service your platform.

The Open2Support Smart Support Subscription comprises a 24×7 access to our Support Management Platform and 8×5 Support Team availability and is available in a subscription model for 1, 3 or 5 Years.


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SMA-MONSOON-1 Monsoon Monitoring, Open2Support Smart Support Subscription, 1 Year, per Device
SMA-MONSOON-3 Monsoon Monitoring, Open2Support Smart Support Subscription, 3 Years, per Device
SMA-MONSOON-5 Monsoon Monitoring, Open2Support Smart Support Subscription, 5 Years, per Device
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