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Enhance and Secure Your Data Center Network

SDN Network Operating Software

OpenFlow protocol-based, scalable switching solutions delivering enterprise-grade performance

OpenFlow Protocol

High-performance SDN standard for programmable forwarding planes, switches and routers


Embedded cybersecurity mitigation actions ensure the required security of your network infrastructure

A Close, Long-Term Partnership

For us, working in the Open Networking sector, NoviFlow is a reliable and a most relevant vendor. They offer sophisticated hardware and software solutions, focussing on quality, functionality and reliability.

STORDIS’ ethos to provide only high-quality products, as well as superior support and service, correspond strongly with the principles of NoviFlow. As the Open Networking Expert, we value the benefits of NoviFlow’s network solutions regarding performance, efficiency and security. NoviWare by NoviFlow is an excellent choice of operating system for the STORDIS Advanced Programmable Switches.

NoviFlow's Website

NoviFlow Products

NOVISWITCH: Smarter Switching with SDN

Fastest fully programmable forwarding plane solutions specifically designed for deployment in carrier networks and data centers

NOVIWARE: High-Performance Open Standard NOS

Network operating system delivering the most sophisticated implementation of OpenFlow 1.3/1.4/1.5

Increased Performance, Decreasing Cost

Today’s data intensive applications and devices, cloud computing and virtualization has placed challenging demands on service providers and data networks. The need for large scale data centers and cloud systems resulted in the conception and delivery of software-defined networking, a way to build flexible, responsive and scalable networking infrastructures with high-performance network processors. NoviFlow offers a fully programmable forwarding plane that successfully handles millions of flows using OpenFlow.