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Precise Synchronization within your Enterprise Network

Network Time Protocol

The NTP server appliances use external reference sources such as globally available satellite systems GPS, GLONASS, to synchronize networks of any size and industry. The time servers deliver flexible high performance and ensure a high level of security and reliability. An SNMP interface allows monitoring of all relevant performance indicators

Comprehensive Product Range

Meinberg offers modular solutions for time and frequency synchronizations applications comprising of a huge portfolio of relevant products, such as NTP Time Server, PC clocks, antennas and signal distributors, signal multiplexers and signal converters, several displays and wall clocks, as well as equivalent software to simulate time synchronization

High Quality Standards

All Meinberg’s products are manufactured with a strict focus on quality compliance. Manufacturing procedures are carefully controlled and documented, and include inspection at each phase of production. Their circuit boards are built using the latest lead-free soldering technology and highest quality components

Meinberg and STORDIS

Meinberg provides professional time and frequency synchronization solutions

For us working in the field of broadcasting and media, Meinberg is a reliable and a most relevant vendor of high-quality time precision solutions for broadcasting productions, telecommunication and service providers, aeronautics, enterprise networks, and the power industry.


Meinberg’s time synchronization platforms can be combined efficiently with the STORDIS Advanced Programmable Switches, for example in a broadcast network environment. In this use case, the APS significantly leverage the capacity of the infrastructure in a TV live production set-up.

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NTP time servers and synchronization platforms

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Meinberg ensures complete customer satisfaction

Every product is developed and manufactured at their plant in Bad Pyrmont, Germany, and undergoes strict endurance and compliance tests, from design to the finalized result. Their products are comprised of high-quality components and modules that can be combined and configured to address the most varied and complex customer requirements.