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Optimized solutions for SDI-to-IP Conversion

IP and Media Processing

A series of compact SFP-based IP gateways, standalone IP gateways and multiviewers to deliver a gradual integration of IP and SDI equipment, monitoring, remote control of up to five camera feeds, and support of all 4K/UHD signal formats and resolutions

Video SFP Optical, Coaxial and Hybrid

Feature-rich SFP modules can be interchanged to provide a different mix of input and output connectivity. They deliver multiple I/O configurations for loopback, superior jitter management, and signal regeneration.


Standalone media converters are capable of adapting various signal formats and transporting others over long distances. They have redundant power supplies, are vibration resistant, and allow plug and play integration

Embrionix and STORDIS

A Broad Range of IP Processing Solutions

For us working in the field of broadcasting and media, Embrionix is a reliable and a most relevant provider of IP technology devices for broadcasting productions and related industries.


As ‘The Open Networking Expert’, we appreciate the high standard of quality Embrionix delivers.

Embrionix' Website

Embrionix Products

SFP-based IP Gateways, Standalone IP Gateways and Multiviewers

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Embrionix maintains and promotes environmental sustainability

Embrionix are committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner. To achieve this, they ensure that their products and operations comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations. Embrionix continually strives to improve environmental sustainability through recycling, conservation of resources, prevention of pollution, product development, and promotion of environmental responsibility amongst employees and customers.