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Edgecore Networks, a Worldwide Leading ODM

Solid Design and Reliable Production

High-quality Open Networking hardware, leveraging silicon from leading vendors such as Broadcom and Barefoot Networks


Edgecore Networks is a leading ODM for some of the most sucessful legacy vendors and end users in the networking industry

Open Networking Software

Edgecore switches are supported by most switch OS such as Cumulus Linux, PICOS®, IP Infusion and Microsoft SONiC

Edgecore Networks and STORDIS

For us, working in the Open Networking sector, Edgecore is a reliable and a most relevant vendor.

STORDIS’ ethos to provide only high-quality products, as well as superior support and service, correspond strongly with the principles of Edgecore. As the Open Networking Expert, we value the high quality of Edgecore’s bare metal switches and the spectrum of possibilities their products offer. Edgecore Networks is the leading network contributor to current open-source software communities including OCP, ONF OpenSwitch, and Microsoft SONiC.

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Edgecore Products

Edgecore Switch

Edgecore bare metal switches

Leading Supplier of Bare Metal Hardware

Edgecore’s industry-leading products meet the customers’ network requirements in different market segments, from network infrastructure, data center switches, core switches and access switches, to indoor/outdoor wireless access points. Edgecore’s complete solutions generate value for customers by offering a broad product portfolio spanning 100G/40G/10G/1G switches, enterprise-level wireless devices and network management tools.