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Delta Networks, a Worldwide Leading ODM/OEM

Cost-Effective and Reliable Products with a Strong Service Commitment

Delta Networks offer cost-effective products that are superior in design, quality and reliability. Delta strives to build strong relationships with their partners and is dedicated to contributing to their success

Successful, Innovative Networking Equipment

Delta Networks provides dependable networking products that continuously meet the customer’s requirements in today’s fast-changing marketplace

Successful Original Device Manufacturer

Delta Networks is a leading ODM and producer of hardware for some of the most successfull legacy vendors, and they can look back on more than 20 years' experience in the industry

High Quality Open Networking Hardware

For us, working in the Open Networking sector, Delta is a reliable and a most relevant manufacturer of white box switches and a long-term partner.

STORDIS’ ethos to provide only high-quality products, as well as superior support and service, correspond strongly with the principles of Delta Networks. As the Open Networking Expert, we highly value the exceptional quality of Delta’s Ethernet switches and the wide range of broadband access devices to enhance our customers’ network infrastructure. Furthermore, both our companies contribute towards the same open source projects, such as the ONF (Open Networking Foundation) and the OCP (Open Compute Project).

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Delta Networks Ethernet switch

Contribute to the success of their partners' business

A Programmable Network

Delta Networks’ industry-leading products meet the customers’ network requirements in an essential market segment: which is network communication. Delta generates value for customers by offering a broad product portfolio including Ethernet switches, enterprise-level wireless devices and telecom-grade network access equipment. Furthermore is the company comitted to an eco-friendly production, as well as appropriate working conditions for their employees.