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Endless Possibilities with the P4 Programming Language

Barefoot Networks is lifting the logic and algorithms for forwarding plane from hardware into software thanks to the capabilities of programming language P4. The Programming Protocol-Independent Packet Processors (P4) language is used to define packet forwarding behavior within networking devices, such as switches, NPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, SmartNICs, and ASICs, such as Barefoot Networks’ Tofino chip.

Uncompromised Programmability

An open source, high-level and domain-specific programming language

Powerful Compiler

Flexible to operate in a variety of Linux distributions

High-Performance Architecture

Users can compile their P4 programs and run them at line rate up to speeds of 6.5Tb/s

Barefoot Networks Unleashes the Full Potential of Open Networking Technologies

STORDIS is proud to maintain a close partnership with Barefoot Networks and has deep knowledge of their products. Not only are the Advanced Programmable Switches built around Barefoot Networks’ Tofino ASIC, but STORDIS also hosts P4 training courses in collaboration with Barefoot Academy.

As the Open Networking Expert, STORDIS highly appreciates their pursuit of enhancing the networking technology and the spectrum of possibilities their products offer. Furthermore, both our companies contribute towards the same open source projects, such as the ONF (Open Networking Foundation), the OCP (Open Compute Project), and the P4 Language Consortium.

Barefoot Networks Website

Use Case ‘BroadCtrl’: Broadcasting Industry

In this video, taken at the IBC 2018 at the STORDIS booth, you will learn how a Tofino-powered switch can be used in a broadcasting environment.


Detailed information on this particular use case can be found in the following download:

Download Use Case

Learn P4 with STORDIS and Barefoot Academy

In conjunction with the official Barefoot Academy, STORDIS is hosting P4 training courses worldwide to help developers understand P4 and its advantages. These intensive four-day courses provide a robust introduction to data plane programming in P4, Tofino device architecture and P4 Studio™ Software Development Environment, including Barefoot APIs and development workflows.

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