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How to learn programming in P4

A First Approach to P4 Programming

P4 There are multiple ways to get started with P4, regardless of your level of expertise.


To learn P4 it is recommended to have a general understanding of network and telecommunications architecture and protocols, in particular knowledge of the programming languages C and C++, due to its relation to embedded and NOS development, as well as a basic understanding of Python.

P4 Training Courses at STORDIS ACADEMY

In collaboration with Barefoot Academy, STORDIS organizes unique training courses worldwide to provide insights into the latest Open Networking technologies. STORDIS ACADEMY conveys specialized knowledge such as data plane programming with P4 and Barefoot’s P4 Studio™ Software Development Environment (SDE).

Upcoming P4 Trainings


You will find relevant information about P4 on our website.


If you have any particular questions regarding P4, you are welcome to send an email to and an Open Networking Expert will get back to you.


A lot of in-depth information on P4 can also be found online, published by reliable resources.

P4 Language Consortium

The P4 Language Consortium provides the open source code on their website and recently shared an introductory article from Bruno Rijsman’s blog due to the detailed and precise description of how to take first steps into programming with P4.

The P4 Education Working Group frequently hosts P4 Hackathons and workshops all across the globe. These events bring various P4 users of all levels in the open-source community together to share the development of innovative data plane applications, tools and infrastructure.



The Barefoot Forum for Advanced Switching Technology Education and Research (FASTER) Program is a private, online, forum-based, non-commercial, self-support portal created by Barefoot Networks to help promote the advancement of open networking. Members actively share knowledge and experience with each other to promote the advancement of the community.

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