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White Box Switches

The largest selection of white box switches

There is a wide spectrum of possibilities to compose and manage network environments, in particular when deploying disaggregated operating systems running open source software on white box switches. Open Networking enables you to build up a network infrastructure based on the most suitable hardware for the designated use. STORDIS, ‘The Open Networking Expert’, provides vendor-independent consultation specific to the customer’s requirements and offers a large selection of Open Networking solutions from various partners.*

*As the Open Networking Expert, we strive to provide an overall view of Open Networking and everything related to it. Please note that STORDIS does not distribute all of the software solutions that are listed on this page. STORDIS reserves the right to inform about these solutions and may provide contact to an official reseller. The site is for completeness only. While care and consideration has been taken in the creation of this page, we do not warrant, represent or guarantee that the content is in all respects accurate, complete and current.