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VEVRE (Volta Elastic Virtual Routing Engine)

Accelerate Cloud-Native Virtual Routing Environments

The Volta Elastic Virtual Routing Engine (VEVRE) is a cloud-based virtual routing platform, created by Volta Networks for cloud and open networking devices supporting up to 255 virtual routers per switch. It runs on numerous open networking white box switches, lowering costs for public, private and hybrid cloud environments. VEVRE is built for carrier automation and simplifies service creation, provisioning and customization, and complies with all the key standards for management, administration and network orchestration integration to enhance design and scalability for Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) and other network applications.

Would you like to know more about the Volta Elastic Virtual Routing Engine and how it can help to make your network more efficient and future-ready? Visit Volta Networks’ official website to find more information on the platform.

Volta Networks website

Why choose VEVRE

VEVRE separates the control and data planes and minimizes processing overhead whilst leveraging scalability, flexibility and resiliency.

Volta Cluster

A set of virtual machines operate the system, dynamically allocating resources and scaling of necessary processes

Virtual Router Processor (VRP)

A set of containers run the network protocols and control plane services, providing the same functionality as a routing engine or processors

Volta Agent (vAgent)

A software that runs as an application on the operating system of a network device, connects to the VRP and the local autonomous control and controls the ASIC

VEVRE Datasheet

This document provides an overview of The Volta Elastic Virtual Routing Engine and contains a full list of features and technical details.

Download VEVRE Datasheet

How VEVRE Works

The Volta Elastic Virtual Routing Engine (VEVRE) is a platform rather than a network operating system, using the same routing protocols as Open Networking to ensure interoperability. Volta enables service development and automation independently of the network device, allowing for smooth upgrade of new hardware.


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