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Flexible and Versatile Open Source Platform for Swift Integration, Comprehensive Control and Automated Network Management

Stratum is an open source switch operating system for software-defined networks and was developed in the context of the Stratum Project by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). The members of the project intended to create a silicon-independent reference implementation for white box switches supporting the most possible SDN interfaces and to run on existing fixed systems, as well as on state-of-the-art programmable silicon. Stratum is a versatile platform leveraging the capabilities of other open source projects, such as P4, ONIE and ONL. It enables swift integration of devices into network infrastructures, and provides an open source solution for fully-programmable data planes.

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Why choose Stratum

Open source solution for fully-programmable data planes

Cloud SDN Data Plane

Leverage Stratum for custom SDN networks by pairing production networks with internal SDN controller to manage and control Stratum-based white box switches

Cloud SDN Fabric Platform

Achieve a complete open source solution for programmable SDN data center spine-leaf fabrics by running ONOS® and Trellis™ over Stratum as a P4 data plane switching layer

Programmable Network Fabric

Employ CORD, the comprehensive platform for operator edge clouds running over Stratum, to significantly increase the scalability and cost efficiency of edge clouds

Thick Switches with Embedded Control

The common work on Stratum can benefit both thin and thick switch designs for the broadest possible community by embedding management and control into a single system

Stratum Overview

This document provides an overview of Stratum and contains a full list of features and technical details

Download Stratum Product Overview

How Stratum Works

Learn how Stratum can enhance your infrastructure by supporting programmable pipelines and swift porting between different systems and hardware devices

Test Stratum at STORDIS LABS

STORDIS LABS runs two of the most advanced technical laboratories for Open Networking technology in Europe. Proficient network engineers are continually testing the latest hardware and software configurations, and also provide remote access for customers to test specific use cases. Feel free to contact us if you would like to test your configuration with Stratum.

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