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Netvisor ONE

(Pluribus Networks)

Comprehensive Network Operating System for Distributed Enterprise and Service Provider Networks

With Netvisor ONE, Pluribus Networks offers a feature-rich, standards-based operating system for bare metal switches to assure interoperability and operational consistency with existing traditional infrastructure. Netvisor ONE is Linux based and runs on various Pluribus Freedom platforms, as well as DELL EMC and Edgecore switches, delivering cloud-scale, agility, flexibility and adaptability to bring significant operational and financial benefits to next-generation networks.
Featuring efficient software such as the Adaptive Cloud Fabric™, Pluribus VirtualWire™, and the Pluribus UNUM Management Platform, Netvisor ONE delivers a holistic solution for a non-disruptive and facile migration to a software-defined enterprise architecture.

Would you like to know more about Netvisor ONE and how it can help to make your network more efficient and future-ready? Visit Pluribus Networks’ official website for more information on their solutions.

Pluribus Networks

Why choose Netvisor ONE

Advanced Network OS with rich services and best-in-class L2 and L3 switching and routing


Provides a modular, resilient software design with a simple, distributed software-defined fabric without the need of a controller. Purpose-built to optimize the power and performance of bare metal Open Networking hardware


Meets the most stringent performance requirements, and delivers the maximum levels of reliability and flexibility at scale and without compromise. Enables the seamless transition to a disaggregated Open Networking strategy


Decouples network resources from the underlying hardware. The Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ features a distributed control plane that allows multiple Netvisor ONE-powered switches to be operated and managed as a single, distributed virtualized switch, supporting massive scale, high performance and resiliency


The Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ provides a single point-of-management from any node and enables fabric-wide automation, while the agile, multi-functional web management portal Pluribus UNUM enhances automation and allows seamless navigation across fully integrated management and analysis modules

Netvisor ONE Datasheet

This document provides an overview of Netvisor ONE and contains a full list of features and technical details

Download Netvisor ONE Datasheet

How Netvisor ONE Works

Learn how next-generation Network OS Netvisor ONE optimizes the power and performance of bare metal Open Networking hardware


STORDIS LABS runs two of the most advanced technical laboratories for Open Networking technology in Europe, where proficient network engineers are continually testing the latest hardware and software configurations. We offer our customers access to the lab and help you test Netvisor ONE with relevant hardware.

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