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MantisNet’s Network Solutions

Real-time Monitoring, Cyber Risk Prioritization and Remediation

MantisNet provides network infrastructure, monitoring, and remediation solutions that deliver continuous, actionable intelligence, dynamic control, and scalable connectivity. Organizations depending on the performance, availability, and security of their networks are enabled to better monitor, analyze, manage, grow and protect their networks and benefit from a more secure, reliable, and agile infrastructure. MantisNet offers the Programmable Packet Engine, the Reconfigurable Frame Processor Next Generation and the Intelligent Patch Panel for increased protection of corporate assets.

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Why choose MantisNet

Detect and respond in real-time

MantisNet Datasheets

These documents provide an overview of Programmable Packet Engine, Reconfigurable Frame Processor Next Generation, and the Intelligent Patch Panel, and contain a full list of features and technical details

Download virtual Programmable Packet Engine Datasheet
Download The Reconfigurable Frame Processor Next-Gen (RFP-NG) Datasheet
Download Intelligent Patch Panel Datasheet
Feature-Rich Software

The Programmable Packet Engine is a containerized P4 software application that can be deployed in a virtual environment or delivered as a physical appliance. It makes the network more intelligent, dynamic, scalable and efficient, and enables interactive remediation in addition to increased visibility and management of traffic of interest

Programmability and Monitoring

The Reconfigurable Frame Processor is a network intelligence and visibility solution for infrastructure and network operators. It provides network monitoring of complex traffic, and consists of P4 software applications running on a programmable SDN platform. It enables capabilities for data-plane control, flow-aware load balancing, traffic shaping, filtering and match-action processing, and in-band telemetry

Automation and Reduced Complexity

The Intelligent Patch Panel is a versatile solution for test, automation, and monitoring applications. The innovative SDN architecture delivers 100% non-blocked performance, manages traffic and resources, and automates repetitive tasks. The distributed architecture reduces complexity and simplifies operations

Network Security

Fraud and operational risk can be reduced by exposing a new level of high-resolution, real-time visibility into physical and logical network traffic, and the exchanges between client and server applications. Live network data is harnessed with a solution that provides actionable network insights from L2-L7 analysis, up to 100G speeds and beyond, and enables real-time decisions

Test MantisNet’s solutions at STORDIS LABS

STORDIS LABS runs two of the most advanced technical laboratories for Open Networking technology in Europe. Proficient network engineers are continually testing the latest hardware and software configurations, and also provide remote access for customers to test specific use cases. Feel free to contact us if you would like to test your configuration with MantisNet.

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