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Big Switch Networks’ Software Fabrics

Driving Innovation in Cloud-First Networking

Big Switch Networks was founded in 2010 by members of the Stanford research team that developed SDN. They presented Big Monitoring Fabric™ in 2013, which boosts network visibility and security, and in 2014 they released Big Cloud Fabric™, a switching fabric bringing the simplicity of public cloud to on-site data center networks. With Multi-Cloud Director they created a unified controller providing centralized inventory, real-time visibility, rapid troubleshooting, and multi-site configuration management for all Big Cloud Fabric™ and Big Monitoring Fabric™ deployments. The operating software Switch Light OS and Switch Light VX enable next generation networking for physical and virtual switches.

You would like to know more about Big Switch Networks’ Software Fabrics and how they can help to make your network more efficient and future-ready? Visit Big Switch Networks’ official website for more information on their switching fabrics.

Big Switch Networks

Why choose Big Switch

Cloud-First Networking with an agile, flexible, intelligent and secure solution

Big Cloud Fabric™

SDN-based switching fabric that leverages open networking switches and supports many management tasks of deploying, configuring, and maintaining the data center infrastructure with zero-touch provisioning, remediation, and integrated alerting. The virtual version, for deployment in multiple public clouds offers complete management and visibility, as well as means for discovery and compliance checks/checking

Big Monitoring Fabric™

Acts as a decoupled, single logical network packet broker to deploy, operate, scale and innovate faster. It enables end-to-end visibility and advanced network telemetry for pervasive security in on-premises enterprise clouds and multiple public cloud deployments, to protect and optimize applications, regardless of the underlying infrastructure

Multi-Cloud Director

Multi-cloud controller for enterprise networks providing a unified overview from a centralized databased on all of the Big Switch infrastructure, both on premise and within the public clouds. It enables inventory management, centralized alerting, integration with Big Cloud Fabric™ and Big Monitoring Fabric™, compliance reporting and multi-department sharing

Switch Light™

Linux-based, thin switching software for physical and virtual switches. The complete SDN operating system based on Open Network Linux (ONL) and enables central provisioning, automation and troubleshooting to reduce network cost and time-consuming processes. Switch Light OS and Switch Light VX are available only as a part of Big Cloud Fabric™ and Big Monitoring Fabric™

Big Switch Datasheets

These documents provide an overview of Big Switch Networks’ Software Fabrics and contain a full list of features and technical details

Download Multi-Cloud Director Datasheet
Download Switch Light OS Overview
Big Monitoring Fabric Datasheet for Enterprise Cloud
Big Monitoring Fabric Datasheet for Public Cloud
Download Big Cloud Fabric Datasheet

How Big Switch’s cloud fabrics work

Learn how Cloud-First Networking enables hybrid IT practices to enhance both public and private cloud infrastructures


STORDIS LABS runs two of the most advanced technical laboratories for Open Networking technology in Europe, where proficient network engineers are continually testing the latest hardware and software configurations. We offer our customers access to the lab and help you test Big Switch Networks’ software fabrics with relevant hardware.

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