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Network Automation

Manage, Enhance and Accelerate your Network Environment

Open Networking Operating Systems enable Network Automation on White Boxes and Bare Metal Switches

Every day, network engineers and system administrators are confronted with an enormous amount of manual processes within the network infrastructure, including configuration, management, maintainance and supervision. With automation, these processes can be simplified and managed automatically to free up your time for important tasks.

Get started with automation

Open Networking Architecture

Use Open Networking to disaggregate switch hardware and software

Automate your environment

Integrate automation to enhance and accelerate the network infrastructure

Use Data Analytics

Use data analytics to create a predictive network (AI)


Simple but Powerful

The most utilized IT automation software. By using Ansible, your network can be improved easily yet effectively. Ansible is easy to access and it enables you to enhance even complex processes to accelerate and orchestrate your entire application lifecycle regardless of where it is deployed.


Intelligent and Secure

Python-based open-source software to automate the configuration management of large-scale server systems. It gives you full control over numerous network devices, optimizes and accelerates processes, and secures the digital infrastructure.


One of the most popular cloud infrastructure software solutions

OpenStack was designed as an open source software platform to enable companies to deploy server, storage and networking components into their cloud environment easily and efficiently. The software provides an additional level of abstraction for data center hardware. It is a superordinate layer controlling standard hardware and the virtual machine. Thus, it does not substitute the existent system, but improves accessibility and management via dashboards and interfaces.

One of the most efficient and exemplary use-cases of full-stack automation is accomplished by orchestrating OpenStack with the network automation software Ansible.