Big announcement from Edgecore Networks Corporation! “The introduction of the fully open Edgecore AS7316-26XB cell site gateway will extend open networking into cell site deployments, lowering cost and enabling increased software control from open platforms, to meet the increasing bandwidth and service demands that providers face in their mobile networks today and in their upcoming 5G rollouts.” says George Tchaparian, CEO from Edgecore.

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Here’s another success story from our partner PICA8, Inc.

This time you can read how a large US-based credit card services company wanted to upgrade its legacy three-tier network architecture as well as add granular network-based intrusion protection for its customers’ POS systems. With PicOS and white box networking switches, they found the perfect solution.

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In this 5-minute interview with TelecomTV, STORDIS CEO Alexander P. Jeffries explains the benefits of a disaggregated network approach. The video was taken at this year’s Layer123 Events & Training #SDN #NFV World in The Hague.

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Thomas Edwards from FOX Networks is explaining his P4 program that was first shown at the the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Network Technology Seminar (NTS) 2018, June 19-20, 2018. 

In a testament to the agility of P4-programmable forwarding planes, the live demonstration builds upon what was shown last year showcasing FOX Networks’ use of a Barefoot Tofino-powered switch from STORDIS. Specifically, this year’s demo will highlight how P4 and Tofino enable the forwarding plane to perform packet processing functions to parse SMPTE ST 2110-20 headers and dynamically compose video from output that is switched using Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) timestamp and video row number. The open-source P4 program implementing this forwarding plane logic is developed by FOX Networks, and the STORDIS BF6064X is a 64-port 100GB bare-metal switch powered by a 6.5Tb/s capacity Tofino ASIC.