We are pleased to announce that STORDIS has signed a distribution agreement with Pluribus Networks, a leader in distributed cloud networking and SDN automation.

This agreement allows us to extend our disaggregated Networking portfolio with Pluribus Network’s industry-leading automated data centre networking solutions, optimized for modern single-site data centres, multi-site data centres and distributed cloud edge environments. This exciting collaboration will support the delivery of highly scalable, automated, and cost-effective data centre network solutions based on the principles of disaggregation and controllerless SDN automation.

Pluribus’ Netvisor® ONE operating system and Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ controllerless SDN software are increasingly being viewed as the most cost-effective and operationally efficient approach to modernize, automate, and virtualize mission critical single site and multi-site data centre networks. More than 350 global customers have deployed Pluribus solutions in their mission-critical private cloud infrastructure, across service providers, enterprise, and public sector institutions. Combining STORDIS expertise with Pluribus’ technology and support will maximize sales opportunities and profitability while delivering an unmatched customer experience and driving repeat business.

To learn more about Pluribus Networks, we invite you to join our upcoming joint live webinar with Pluribus Networks on , where we will be talking about:

  • Introduction to Open Networking
  • Introduction to Pluribus Networks and their operating system Netvisor ONE for Open Networking
  • Building a Software Defined Active Data Center Architecture with Pluribus

Additional information on the webinar and the possibility to register for the event can be found here.


We are excited to partner with a company with as much market momentum as Pluribus Networks and look forward to bringing their Netvisor ONE networking operating system and Adaptive Cloud Fabric solution to our customers. No other NOS partner in our open networking portfolio can come close to this level of automation for, and visibility into, data center network fabrics, and we believe this solution is a game changer for our current and future customers.

Łukasz Łukowski | STORDIS
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

We are pleased to welcome STORDIS to the Pluribus Partners First Program as a distributor. STORDIS' commitment to open and disaggregated networking aligns perfectly with Pluribus Networks’ portfolio of software solutions, designed to deliver highly scalable, automated and cost-efficient next-generation data center architectures based on the principles of open networking and open source software. We are excited to join forces as we scale our mutual businesses to address the evolving needs of the rapidly expanding EMEA market.

Andreas Falkner | Pluribus Networks
Director of EMEA Sales

Pluribus Networks’ partnership with STORDIS is based around a market-leading solution for highly scalable, automated and cost-efficient next-generation data center architectures, and through our Partner First partner growth services, support for commercial, marketing and pipeline building activities. We are excited to join forces as we scale to address the evolving needs of our rapidly expanding EMEA Partner network.

Steve Helvie | Open Compute Project (OCP)
VP of Channel

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We are pleased to announce that we have signed a distribution agreement with BISDN.

This step allows us to extend our Network Operating System (NOS) portfolio with the free and open source BISDN Linux. The NOS itself is developed in Berlin by BISDN, a company focussing on whitebox switching and open networking solutions.

The latest BISDN Linux release 4.0 is based on the open embedded Yocto Dunfell Linux distribution and runs a mainline 5.10 kernel. Utilizing the Linux network stack, it can be configured with all the standard and well-known Linux tools. Therefore, it integrates seamlessly in any existing datacentre environment and plays well with all the network automation routines usually utilised just for servers.

STORDIS now offers #Open2Support SLA Program – an advanced HW (hardware) exchange for complete peace of mind to support your business whatever your requirement is.

STORDIS also offers an environmentally friendly approach by installing BISDN’s Linux Distribution software to disaggregated Networking Bare Metal Switches already in place, reducing your capital outlay by re-using existing hardware and also reducing your waste.


BISDN was founded in 2012 in Berlin, Germany, and set out to develop the software needed in the rapidly changing world of software defined networking. Based on long-standing experience in the area of telecommunication as well as datacenter networking, BISDN focusses on high-performance whitebox switching and open network software solutions. With BISDN Linux as the core of most of their products, BISDN aims to build the free and open SDN solutions needed for the future world of networking. For more information, visit

Having followed the development of BISDN for many years, I am proud that we have become the first Value Added Distributor of the first fully open-source Switch Operating System. If you like Linux and you want your network switch to be provisioned, configured and monitored the same way as a Linux Server then you will love this operating system. When paired with the option for an enterprise-grade support service, all the requirements to use this platform in a modern datacentre environment will have been fulfilled.

Waldemar Scheck, STORDIS

We were not the first to have the idea of using the Linux networking for whitebox switches, as this dates back to the early days of SDN. I believe, however, that we are the first to fully open source the controller and the OS underneath. This is the next logical step towards open networking.

Dr. Hagen Woesner, BISDN

We are glad to see BISDN contribute its Linux-based platform to the open-source community. Open Network Operating Systems are gaining in popularity and provide customers with flexibility and choice and will further accelerate the open network movement.

Matthew Roman, Edgecore Networks
VP Marketing and Product Management

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Check the Source Code on GitHub

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We are happy to announce that we have signed a distribution agreement with Microtel Innovation, that makes us a Distributor of their rich product portfolio of Network Packet Brokers, Networks TAPs and related devices.

This agreement allows us to extend our disaggregated Networking portfolio with Microtel Innovation’s Network Packet Broker Solutions. These are based on 10Gbit/25Gbit/100Gbit (with 400Gbit coming soon) Bare Metal Switches from Edgecore Networks – our long-time reliable partner in the Open Networking world.

Apart from these Network Packet Brokers (NPB), Microtel Innovation also provides a wide range of visibility products including Network TAPs, GTP Balancer and Offloader, Packet Duplication and Header Stripping dedicated appliances.

You can check all of these products out in our STORDIRECT shop, where you can also directly request quotes for these products.

“Freedom, Independence and Innovation is key for Open Networking Solutions and we are proud to have found the right partner to collaborate and build up on the disaggregated approach of providing open Load Balancing and Network Packet Broker solutions.”

Waldemar Scheck,

“We are excited to start this important collaboration with a company that is a recognized market leader in Open Networking. Bringing our deep knowledge and proven experience in the Telco and Security monitoring space and leveraging the disaggregated approach to create innovative and future-proof solutions, we will generate the in-depth, extensive and actionable Network Visibility our customers need.”

Gianni Pompermaier,
Microtel Innovation President and CEO

“We are very excited about the relationship between Microtel, STORDIS, and Edgecore. One of the key factors to drive the wider adoption of open networking is to make it easier for customers to acquire, deploy and support open network technology. This new relationship will allow customers to get an OEM-like experience while getting all of the benefits of open networking.”

Andrzej Brzezinski,
Edgecore Networks Sales Director EMEA

Press Release

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