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We are happy to announce that we have the Edgecore 400GbE Tofino2 switch DCS810 (AS9516-32D) in stock, ready to be shipped at any time! This P4 Programmable switch is an ultimate tool for everyone, who wants to take full control of the network stack, including but not limited to the processing of all packets as […]

STORDIS is proud to announce its newest webinar, live on July 7th. During this webinar, we will be discussing how to lower the cost and increase security of supply for Wi-Fi deployments using TIP OpenWiFi. NetExperience, in partnership with Telecom Infra Project offers the first end-to-end WLAN software and service compatible with Open Wi-Fi. The event is […]

On May 19th, 2022 we held a very informative webinar together with our partners from CREDO!  During this webinar, we were discussing the CREDO’s HiWire SWITCH AEC – Enabling Simpler, Faster, and More Reliable Dual TOR Connectivity. Additionally, Upstream NOS Support and SONiC Integration! The live webinar was quite a success – it provided an […]

Introduction The P4 programming language is gaining popularity in the networking industry. It is considered the next step in the evolution of SDN networking. Programming Protocol-independent Packet Processors (P4) is an open-source, high-level programming language for network devices. It defines how data plane devices (switches, routers, network cards, etc.) process packets. Before the P4 version, […]

On April 28th, 2022 we held a very informative webinar together with our partners from Pluribus Networks!  The award-winning Adaptive Cloud Fabric, which has been deployed for years in mission-critical networks around the world, is a comprehensive and simple solution built on the Netvisor ONE operating system running in data center switches. Pluribus Networks have extended that […]

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