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On August 17th, 2021 we held a very informative webinar together with our great partners Pica8 on our #Back2Open Program – our rescue program for stranded Cumulus Linux users. (Click here, if you want to learn, why certain Cumulus Linux Users will become stranded). The live webinar was quite a success – admittedly with some […]

Pica8 Joins STORDIS' #Back2Open Program for Stranded Cumulus Linux Users

We are pleased to announce that Pica8 has joined our #Back2Open Program. STORDIS initiated the #Back2Open Program to support Cumulus Linux users impacted by the fall out between Broadcom and Cumulus Linux, that followed the acquisition of Cumulus Linux by NVIDIA (more information can be found here). #Back2Open is our mission to help everyone affected […]

STORDIRECT: Newest Generation 400G and 100G Transceivers Added

We have added the newest generation of 400G (QSFP-DD) and 100G (QSFP28) Transceivers to our Open Networking shop STORDIRECT: 400G QSFP-DD 100G QSFP28 Check them out on STORDIRECT and get in touch with us!

We have updated our Open Networking Shop STORDIRECT with a great new feature – an improved search function! It allows you to search for the products a lot more efficiently and faster and is suggesting you the products as you type, to help you find what you are looking for. Check it out at STORDIRECT […]

We are happy to be able to introduce to you our #Back2Open Program for stranded Cumulus Linux users! Make the switch back to an actively supported and maintained Open Network Operating System (NOS) now – with a free NOS software license*. Some background information: You have probably heard the news by now that Cumulus Linux […]

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