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Use Case: Television Broadcaster

Use Case: Television Broadcaster

State-of-the-art technologies in the broadcasting industry and growing standards call for increased data traffic and demand the highest levels of throughput and storage. Česká televize is a public television broadcaster in the Czech Republic delivering six channels of news, sports, family, arts and educational content, producing the majority of their content in-house. STORDIS supported Interlab, a French solution provider focusing on the broadcasting and media industry, to realize a fully integrated, high-speed, yet cost-efficient network infrastructure.

As the Open Networking Expert, STORDIS aims to drive innovation in the field of Open Networking. Therefore, it was a great opportunity to support Interlab set up a future-proof network environment for Česká televize with the most efficient combination of high-quality hardware and software. Interlab employed an Edgecore AS5712-54X switch with PICOS®, an open Layer 2/3 network operating system created by Pica8.

Edgecore Networks offers scalable, disaggregated network solutions. Their industry-leading products are essentially qualified to meet network requirements in different markets, particularly in the broadcasting industry. Edgecore’s complete solutions generate value for customers by offering a broad product portfolio spanning data center switches, core switches, access switches, enterprise-level wireless devices and network management tools. STORDIS endorses the high quality of Edgecore’s bare metal switches and the spectrum of possibilities their products offer.

Pica8 developed a Linux-based operation system which runs on a large number of conventional white box switches from various manufacturers and perfectly complements the Edgecore AS5712-54X. The unique network operating system PICOS® provides unlimited, non-disruptive control of the enterprise applications, enables monitoring dynamic traffic and security and delegation capabilities. PICOS® is fully interoperable with the existing legacy infrastructure, increasing flexibility, performance, security and reliability at a fraction of the cost, which made it the perfect choice for the Czech television broadcaster.

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