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White Box Switch

The data center market is undoubtedly changing towards disaggregated network infrastructures and industry experts recognize a trend that has been rapidly evolving over the last few years. Even legacy vendors have started to integrate third-party commodity silicon into their proprietary solutions to meet the operators’ needs for acceleration and uniformity. The article ‘Why Merchant Silicon Is Taking Over the Data Center Network Market’ by Emily...

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STORDIS is proud to be awarded the Edgecore Networks Corporation Partner Award for our outstanding efforts in bringing the Open Networking Revolution to Europe. STORDIS CEO Alexander P. Jeffries gratefully accepted the award for shipping most open networking switches in Europe during 2017 at this year´s partner seminar. Edgecore Networks is a leading manufacturer of high-quality bare-metal switches. In combination with switch OSes like PICA8, Inc., Cumulus Networks, IP Infusion, Noviware from NoviFlow...

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