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STORDIS, Edgecore, and Credo Strengthen Collaboration with Advanced Dual TOR Cables, Low Power CLOS AECs, and Cutting-Edge Networking Solutions

Stuttgart, Germany – April 18th, 2023 – STORDIS – The Open Networking Expert – today announced the deepening of its collaboration with Edgecore Networks and CREDO to deliver advanced Dual TOR cables, Low Power CLOS Active Electrical Cables (LP CLOS AECs), and cutting-edge networking
solutions for data centers. Building on years of successful partnership with Edgecore and a strong first year with CREDO, STORDIS is aggregating disaggregation by bringing together industry-leading open networking solutions.

Edgecore Networks, a leading provider of open and disaggregated network solutions, offers DCS520, the high-density spine switch for high-performance data centers. The DCS520 is equipped with Broadcom’s Tomahawk 4 chipset, which boasts a remarkable 25.6 Tbps switching capacity and low latency performance. Together with Enterprise SONiC distribution by Edgecore, the DCS520 provides flexible and high-efficiency data processing, enabling users to handle and manage large amounts of data with ease. This makes it an ideal solution for service providers, cloud operators, and data center interconnect use cases in metro environments.

CREDO’s innovative Dual TOR cables are compatible with SONiC and strengthen Credo’s robust 400G and 800G portfolios. These cables provide seamless implementation, eliminating the need for rack redundancy and reducing power and cost. Additionally, Credo’s HiWire™ LP CLOS AEC is a thin, low power 800G AEC designed for in-rack applications, replacing backplanes in Distributed, Disaggregated Chassis (DDC) implementations. Plug & play LP CLOS AECs consume up to 75% less rack volume than traditional copper cables, enabling interconnect densities of up to 1,000 cables per rack.

By combining the expertise of STORDIS, Edgecore, and CREDO, these companies strive to enable customers to optimize their data center infrastructure for the future.

“As we continue to collaborate closely with Edgecore and CREDO, we are revolutionizing the data center
industry with our cutting-edge solutions. Together, we provide customers with high quality, costeffective, and reliable solutions for their data center needs.” –

Łukasz Łukowski, CSMO, STORDIS

“Our long-standing partnership with STORDIS and our collaboration with CREDO have enabled us to push
the boundaries of open networking solutions. We are proud to be a part of this innovative collaboration,
delivering excellent data center technology to our customers” – 

Nanda Ravindran, Vice President of Product Management, Edgecore Networks

“Credo is excited to work closely with STORDIS and Edgecore, leveraging our strong 400G and 800G
portfolios, innovative Dual TOR cables, and our power LP CLOS AECs, to deliver advanced data center
solutions. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing high-performance, lowlatency, and energy-efficient solutions to the industry.
” –

Ameet Suri, Head of AEC Business Development, Credo

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STORDIS and Edgecore Sign Support Service Agreement on Enterprise SONiC Distribution By Edgecore

Stuttgart, Germany – February 13th, 2023  – STORDIS – The Open Networking Expert – is pleased to announce that they have signed a Support Service Agreement with Edgecore on Enterprise SONiC Distribution By Edgecore.

Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Edgecore is a hardened, open distribution of SONiC which runs on Edgecore Open Networking switches. The SONiC Community is led by Microsoſt and many key players, including Edgecore, to deliver a robust and proven software infrastructure to enable customers to build highly portable, scalable data center networks.

At STORDIS, we have extensive knowledge and experience with delivering Enterprise SONiC solutions. Our team is well versed in SONiC and can provide expert advice and guidance when it comes to the deployment and management of SONiC-based networks. Our support engineers offer the following services:

  • Level 1 – Basic help desk resolution and service desk delivery

Support for basic customer issues such as solving usage problems and fulfilling service desk requests that need IT involvement.

  • Level 2 – In-depth SONiC technical support

Experienced and knowledgeable engineers assess issues and provide solutions.

  • Level 3 – Expert product and services support

For those really serious technical issues that cannot be resolved via Level 1 & 2 support, our STORDIS engineers have access to the most highly skilled product specialists – these may include the creators, chief architects or engineers that created the product – to duplicate problems, define root causes and issue fixes.

STORDIS is excited to be working with Edgecore to offer Enterprise SONiC Distribution By Edgecore to our customers. This collaboration will help us provide the best experience possible for our customers and ensure that they can get the most out of their network… said Waldemar Scheck, CEO of STORDISWe are thrilled to be working with Edgecore to create the Route2open Academy and provide the official on-line course for Enterprise SONiC. This will help customers gain the knowledge and skills they need to take full advantage of SONiC.

Waldemar Scheck, CEO, STORDIS

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Webinar Session Recording with Aprecomm: “Improving WiFi Network Reliability and Reducing OpEx Costs for SMBs and Enterprises”

On November 30th, 2022 we held a very informative webinar together with our partners from Aprecomm!

During this webinar, we were discussing how to improve WiFi Network Reliability and reduce OpEx Costs for SMBs and Enterprises!

Aprecomm is an industry game-changer with an AI-enabled Software Stack to understand Customer Wi-Fi Experience. Aprecomm offers cloud-based automated solutions to help enterprises, ISPs, and TSPs improve their business standards through higher reliability, reduced opex, and speedy ROI.

The live webinar was quite a success – it provided an opportunity for people to ask questions and get answers in real-time.

We once again would like to thank everyone that registered and attended for the great time and experience.

However, if you were not able to attend the live webinar or have missed registering for it – do not worry: We have recorded the full webinar and uploaded it to our YouTube channel. You can check out the recorded webinar on YouTube or watch it directly below:

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Aprecomm, go ahead and check this page or get in touch with us.

Additional information as well as all the presentation documents can be found on the Live Webinar information page – feel free to check it out and share the documents with anyone that might be interested in it.

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Webinar Invitation: “Improving WiFi Network Reliability and Reducing OpEx Costs for SMBs and Enterprises”

STORDIS is proud to announce its newest webinar, live on November 30th. During this webinar, we will be discussing how to how to improve WiFi Network Reliability and reduce OpEx Costs for SMBs and Enterprises!

Aprecomm is an industry game-changer with an AI-enabled Software Stack to understand Customer Wi-Fi Experience. Aprecomm offers cloud-based automated solutions to help enterprises, ISPs, and TSPs improve their business standards through higher reliability, reduced opex, and speedy ROI.

The event is scheduled to take place on November 30, at 3:00 PM CET.

Go to our webinar information page below to get more information on the event and to register for the free event.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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STORDIS – 15 Year Business Anniversary

Today, the STORDIS Group has another reason to celebrate: STORDIS GmbH has reached its 15th anniversary!

It was 2007 when STORDIS was founded as a Value-Added Distributor for storage products. Only 7 years later, in 2014, a Team of IT enthusiasts started the successful journey into Open Disaggregated Networking. STORDIS officially became key partners with Edgecore Networks Corporation, Pica8, Inc. and Cumulus Networks.

The next step was taken in 2017 when we started to promote Open Networking in the UK; but that story you already know about because we recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of STORDIS Ltd.

Since then, a lot has happened: we are fully engaged in the Open Networking market and are a key Partner of the Open Networking Community, promoting the evolution of Disaggregated Networking and actively engaging in projects such es SONiC, DENT and MONSOON. STORDIS encourages and supports continuous learning by offering the in-depth Unboxing Open Networking and SONiC pieces of training through the route2open Academy.

We formed the STORDIS Group by bringing together the experience, talent and know-how from all three parts of our business: STORDIS GmbH, STORDIS Ltd and Route2Open. In the last 3 years we have grown organically into a very diverse and integrated team operating in 3 countries with one vision: to become the world’s leading open networking solutions provider, partnering with customers to drive R&D and contributing to open source communities.

It is amazing to see how much we have created together and how much we have given to each other. Projects, services, courses, products, and most of all relationships. Relationships between our colleagues, our suppliers and our customers. We believe that we are The Open Networking Expert delivering customer-centric solutions.

For our partners, we are constantly evolving, and it shows! We live our Values: to be a trusted team, passionate to deliver innovation. And we believe in improvement: To be better together!

Maybe the recipe for our success is our close-knit team, our approach to every-day working: together and with passion.

So, here we are: Happy 15th Anniversary, STORDIS!


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Setting up GNS3 Topology Running Enterprise SONiC Switches & MONSOON Integration

If you’re wondering how to set up GNS3 Topology Running Enterprise SONiC Switches, then you need to watch this video!

Kamal Krishna Bhatt, our Software Product Manager at #STORDIS will show you all the steps to get started and also how to troubleshoot some of the more difficult setups.

Video explains:

  • how to utilize the popular network and device simulator tool “GNS3” to simulate Enterprise SONiC switches
  • creation of GNS3 compatible appliance file from a SONiC image and import it into GNS3
  • how to create a simple spine-leaf topology with Enterprise SONiC switches in GNS3
  • how to connect all devices to your local network
  • last but not least its integration with MONSOON

You’ll have enterprise-level network setup in no time!

Video Tutorial can be found here.

If you are not familiar with MONSOON we will highly recommend watching this video.

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STORDIS and NetExperience Sign Distribution Agreement to Provide a Cost-Effective Cloud Management and Controller Platform that can Scale with Your Business

Stuttgart, Germany – September 27th, 2022  – STORDIS – The Open Networking Expert – is pleased to announce that they have signed a distribution agreement with NetExperience, a leader in end-to-end software solutions for TIP Open Wi-Fi including Access Point and Cloud Management.

This agreement allows STORDIS to extend their Open Networking portfolio with NetExperience’s innovative Cloud Management and Controller Platform which offers a disaggregated approach to WLAN management and control, an ideal solution for Public WiFi Hotspots through to Private WiFi (enterprise, education, health care, retail, hospitality, SMB, etc).

NetExperience is revolutionizing this previously established WLAN vendor ecosystem by enabling SPs to deploy a single orchestrated Cloud WLAN solution. This solution is compatible with a wide range of Open Wi-Fi certified APs, which are available from numerous hardware manufacturers. The NetExperience Cloud Management and Controller platform enables a single management and controller platform to be deployed in all market verticals, from high-end enterprises and public hotspots to residential areas and multiple dwelling units (MDUs). This allows for the fulfilment of specific, unique Wi-Fi network requirements present in a diverse range of niches.

Combining STORDIS’s expertise with NetExperience’s technology and Edgecore’s OpenWiFi-ready AP, will maximize sales opportunities and profitability, whilst delivering an unmatched customer experience and driving repeat business.

“We have been waiting for quite a long time to see real disaggregation under Wireless and that is why it is even more exciting to see how Open Networking is changing the New Era of Wireless with great support and leadership from the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and OpenWIFI Group. Using best in class Open Hardware from Edgecore Networks, with unique and revolutionary Cloud WLAN solutions from NetExperience and our experience in Open Networking is creating a perfect match.” –

Łukasz Łukowski, CSMO, STORDIS

“Adoption of OpenWiFi is accelerating significantly and we are pleased to be able to partner with STORDIS for customers in the EMEA region. Stordis has considerable expertise in open networking technologies and truly understands their customers’ needs. Their role as a trusted advisor will add significant value to the customer relationship by representing OpenWiFi and NetExperience with high quality support and rapid distribution of products. We look forward to working with them on this amazing transformational journey in Wi-Fi networks.” – 

Huw Rees, VP Business Development, NetExperience

“We are excited about the positive collaboration with industry leaders, STORDIS and NetExperience, to deliver pre-integrated standards-compliant communication applications on our open access point platform”, said Tengtai Hsu, Vice President of Edgecore Networks. “As an active contributing member of TIP, Edgecore highly prioritizes executing a roadmap that provides more high-quality TIP OpenWiFi ready products for adoption by the ecosystem. Working with STORDIS and NetExperience, we look forward to enabling the TIP OpenWiFi ecosystem to meet high-end Wi-Fi network requirements and grow the OpenWiFi ecosystem together globally.” –

Tengtai Hsu, Vice President, Edgecore Networks

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MONSOON – Open-Source Network Monitoring Exporter for SONiC!

STORDIS is excited to announce the release of Monsoon – A data visualization and monitoring solution for SONiC. 

Monsoon is an easy-to-use and affordable network monitoring exporter, that monitors network devices such as routers and switches that are running the SONiC Network Operating System.

Via continuous monitoring of the network, Monsoon gives you in-depth visibility and control.

This will allow you to: 

  • easily find root causes of a fault and allow you to take action before your operations are affected. 
  • test the network to see how it performs to understand the network’s bandwidth and better allocate resources. 
  • identify sudden spikes in traffic levels to reduce downtime. 
  • monitor IP assets and ensure smooth performance. 

Monsoon fully supports Prometheus and Grafana, allowing you to create custom dashboards so you can monitor the various parameters that are crucial to your network. We even have a default dashboard available to use straight away! 

Monsoon is available from our GitHub site here: https://github.com/STORDIS/monsoon/, with full instructions on how to download and install the software. 

Try now #MONSOON – the best open-source network monitoring exporter for SONiC!

Open2Support Support Subscription

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STORDIS brings Enterprise to the SONiC Network Operating System

Stuttgart, Germany – September 12th, 2022  – STORDIS – The Open Networking Expert – brings Enterprise to the SONiC NOS, providing a ruggedised and enhanced version of the open source software, along with Open2Support, their Professional Support Service. These new services compliment the already extensive range of offerings that STORDIS provides, including training, testing, consultancy and laboratory environments.

Enterprise SONiC distribution is a commercially supported offering based on open source SONiC with feature enrichment and hardening – targeted for campus, enterprise and cloud-level large-scale data center network environments. 

It supports ODM and OEM platforms based on the StrataXGS® family of silicon from Broadcom including 400G Trident4 and coming soon Tomahawk 4 and 5.

SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) is an open source software with a strong community revolutionizing and opening network to large scale data center, cloud and campus operators. The unique design enables system integrators and operators to flexibly enhance their network by adding their own software tools to improve and simplify their overall network fabric and performance. With a rich and growing ecosystem of hardware and software vendors, SONiC offers full independence to anyone who is open to becoming more open. Paired with commercial support services form STORDIS, it´s the best fit for any productive 24×7 environments.

Being in the Open Networking field since day one, I´m more than pleased to see the development going more and more towards a proven model with Enterprise services, which we well know from Linux. SONiC is closing the gap between open source and a hardened and commercially proven Network Switch Operating System solution and it enables us to build trusted, long-term relationships with our customers and keep on delivering new innovation by adding software additions. One  example of this is Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH, who chose Enterprise SONiC for their first iteration of a network fabric for bare-metal Kubernetes based on switches from Edgecore Networks with StrataXGS switching ASIC to shorten time-to-production, get needed robustness, enterprise features and support in a very efficient way” – 

Waldemar Scheck, CEO, STORDIS

“We are pleased to work with STORDIS to extend the SONiC initiative, by enabling it on Broadcom’s StrataXGS switching silicon. SONiC distribution, STORDIS’s 24 x 7 service, and white box switches built on Broadcom’s routing and switching silicon are a powerful combination for data center and campus applications.”

Hasan Siraj,  Head of Software Products/Ecosystem, Broadcom

“As a technical university, we are committed to solutions that we can adjust ourselves. For the rebuilding of our data center and campus infrastructure we enthusiastically embraced the option of moving to open networking with Edgecore and SONiC, especially as SONiC is a NOS which is based on the same operating system that we use with our current servers. STORDIS has been a reliable (and knowledgeable) partner during the rebuilding of our network. Much more than just a hardware retailer, we appreciate the support they have given and their strength to stand behind the products they offer.” 

Dr. Michael Hummel, Head of IT Management University of Applied Sciences, Technical Centre Vienna

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